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Dead Sea Almanac – May 18, 2019

In this week’s Saturday Edition, learn about our past and future involvements and check out a newly-crafted magical item: the Deck of Symbols!

PDF Version:

The Week in Review

Soulsword Renegades

We started a new campaign this week, set in the near future in a world where technology replaces magical effects. Nanites, plasma blades, and level three heroes with legendary magical items. What could go wrong? Tune in tonight to find out, as our heroes continue to seek answers behind the mysteriously failing power of their world.

City of Echoes

We streamed our second session of City of Echoes this Thursday. Time and memory are strange within the city, and the heroes had a hard time wrapping their minds around the temporal shenanigans. See previous editions of the Almanac for detailed recaps of the first few sessions, and tune in Thursdays at 6pm Central to see the city for yourselves!

The G-Team

Jet’s intrepid heroes managed to blow up a nuclear reactor this week, but it did take them at least a little bit of time. It turns out they’re really bad at solving puzzles, and the bad guys are really patient. Did I mention they blew up a nuclear reactor? Check these guys out at 10pm Central on Thursdays, right after City of Echoes on Vlastilon’s channel.

Looking Ahead

Atlantis Incoming

After some restructing and re-planning, we’ll be bringing Atlantis to you sometime this week, and continuing it through the coming issues.

The Lost City of Dena

You’ll be able to continue the adventure from Seya’s Tomb with an exploration of the city of Dena, coming up in this week’s Monday Mystery.

The Fox Den

After a week off, the Fox Den will be returning this week. Stop by to hear me and Vlastilon chat with you the viewers about current and general topics in gaming. It’s been a blast the past times that we’ve done it, and we’re proud to announce we intend to consistently co-host going forward.

School’s Out

School has come to a close for many of our members, and is coming to a close for others; watch for increased activity and ongoing activities as our team comes back online after papers and exams. Vlast will almost certainly be streaming more, and I’m informed that both Silver and Steph have something in the works.

Deck of Symbols

This deck of cards contains forty magical effects – each of the four suits has a theme, and contains ten cards. The cards disappear once used, and using a card from the deck requires an action.


These cards grant material wealth to the owner, in various forms.

1A bucket of copper trade bars worth 50GP
2A well-crafted steel helm
3A milking cow
4A pair of oxen and a wagon
5A full suit of plate armor
6A warhorse in full armor
7A chest of gems worth 5,000 GP
8A ship of the line
9A castle
10A masterwork set of magical dragon armor


These cards teleport the user to illustrated locations in your campaign world.


These cards teleport the user forward a number of feet equal to five times their rank.


These cards grant single casts of various divinatory spells.

1Detect Evil and Good
2Detect Magic
3Detect Poison and Disease
4Detect Thoughts
6Comprehend Languages
7Find the Path
9Find Traps
10Commune with Nature

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