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Let’s Discuss the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct

Recently, the folks at Nintendo streamed a Direct solely about Super Mario Maker 2, which is scheduled for a 6/28/19 release. Its predecessor was released about four years ago on the ill-fated Wii U, so avid course-makers are expecting this sequel to have an absolute truckload of new features. And based on what the footage has displayed, we’re getting just that.

Either myself or one of my fellow writers will write a review of this game later down the road, so I’ll briefly tell you that we’ve got a new Super Mario 3D World level theme, a story mode, two-player level-creating, and four-player multiplayer. There will also be a handful of new tools, power-ups, and obstacles added to the proverbial canvas. I personally am very thankful for the addition of four-player gameplay as I feel that the hilarity would really be kicked up a notch with multiple people playing at once rather than just passing the controller around.

After watching all 17 minutes of this Nintendo Direct, I have complete confidence that Super Mario Maker 2 will be one of the Switch’s most prominent games of 2019, maybe even the Switch’s library as a whole. Even if you’re not the greatest at generating your own content, you might want to give this Switch sequel your attention. C’mon June 28, get here quickly!

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