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Dead Sea Almanac – May 17, 2019

Daily inspiration for game masters by the Dead Sea Trading Company. Recaps, Spoon of Feeding, and updates from Wolf on the status of the company.

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City of Echoes Recap

In case you missed it, here’s what’s new this week in City of Echoes. Catch us on Thursdays on the SSG Channel ( at 6pm Central.

The Tower

As they finished exploring the tower and claiming their gear, the heroes came across the observatory at the top, where they had a heart-to-heart with Jess. There, she claimed it was “funny that it started right where it began” before showing alarm at the roar of a bestial dragon and mentioning something called “the conflux”. Witnessing the destruction of the city in flames, Ember panicked at the sight of Komyros examining him and nearly fell off the tower, but was saved by Laika casting Spider Climb. He’s now convinced he can innately climb like a spider.

The Pursuit

The heroes saw a glimpse of the mysterious Kiera on the east platform and sent Kota to find her. When he didn’t come back, they pursued, only to find him flitting back with talk of biscuits and “biscuit girl”.

Laika led the way to an abandoned guard barracks with a bunch of old, moldy biscuits, and the heroes explored for a while before running into a doll, which sent Komyros running for the door. The other two found themselves transitioning from an ancient, ruined area to a well-lit, lived in space where they met a girl named Ellie in a holding cell, clutching her dollie (which suddenly seemed much less threatening). After giving the heroes two ornate copper pieces that she stole from her piggy bank and asking them to help find her mommy, Ellie ended up staying in the cell because the heroes deemed it safer than tagging along to face the dragon they could hear roaring outside. On the way out, the other rooms were also well-lit, and Ember found a cape of invisibility that also changes his outfit (although he’s not yet aware of either effect after botching a number of rolls in sequence). When they emerged, the heroes found no dragon – just an empty city. Komyros wondered aloud at the strangeness of it, and provoked a woman’s laugh from behind them – though no one was there when they turned.

Having a Blast

If you haven’t heard of the G-Team, you should have. Streaming on Vlastilon’s channel at 10pm Central on Thursdays, right after City of Echoes, this not-safe-for-work crew is always a riot. This week, they blew up a nuclear reactor after solving Jet’s dastardly puzzle. And yes, G stands for Gort, in case anybody was asking.

Featured Item: Spoon of Feeding

The spoon of feeding is a special spoon, carved of wood with a handle in the shape of a bird. When the command phrase “here comes the birdie” is uttered in a singsong voice, a single target creature must succeed on a DC 18 Charisma saving throw or be forced to consume whatever’s on the spoon, no matter how repulsive. We sell them by the droves to new parents, but for unknown reasons they’re also popular with adventurers. Maybe it’s because there’s no other way to get them to take medicine.

Wolf’s Corner

Dead Sea Almanac

Moving forward, we’ve decided to roll previously planned adventures (and new ones we’ve been coming up with) into the Dead Sea Almanac, much like the quest that took our heroes to the Tomb of Seya earlier in the week. If you missed that, be sure to check it out, and watch for more adventures to come!

The Fox Den

We botched the scheduling a little bit this week in terms of Fox Den and ended up double-booking. Vlast and I have enjoyed co-hosting the show immensely, and we’re endeavoring to find a regular time when we can both show up each week. Between jobs and families, we think we can just make it work, even if it’s a little tight. Stay posted for potential time changes week-to-week as schedules shift, but watch for a consistent time to emerge as move towards June.

Open Invitations

City of Echoes is at three players, and I have no qualms about going up to five or more. I’m also floating the idea of running a weekly “sandbox” where people can bring any homebrew they’re looking to playtest and run it at any level. Let me know what you think by hopping on our Discord ( or tracking me down in chat during one of our many streamed events.

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