Microsoft Xbox One

May Update for Xbox One Rolling Out Today

May Update for Xbox One revealed. Friends, messaging AND THE ALPHABET.

It has been a few months since Xbox has updated their console, and the May update brings some interesting improvements to your Friends list, messaging and finding games in your “My Games and Apps” Section.

  • The Friends list will show what your friends are playing on, be it console, mobile, or PC. A set of icons will be visible next to your friends to show you which device they are gaming on.
  • Messages are being broken up into two sections. Messages from your friends will be prioritized and basically work as before, whereas messages from people not on your friends list will be found in another section.
  • And the final update pleases the book nerd/grammar nazi that resides in my soul. When you are looking up games in your Games and App section, articles (a, an, the) will no longer be considered in alphabetization. For example, (given by Larry Hyrb) is The Witcher used to be found under “T”, but will now be found under “W.” As it should be.

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