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Dead Sea Almanac – May 9, 2019

Dead Sea Almanac Thursday Special! Read about the Wine of Deepsight, the Ring of Inking, and Shadow’s Daggers, as well as details on City of Echoes!

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Melanie’s Pick: Wine of Deepsight

This week, I’ve picked out a special wine for all my fellow tasters – one with properties both tasteful and magical which are sure to enhance and deepen your relationship with your partner. Drinking the Wine of Deepsight, one is greeted by a strong, full-bodied flavor that remains dry and fruity at the same time. As the wine begins to take hold, one also finds that he or she can peer into the soul of nearby individuals, seeing with a unique insight that tells of each one’s desires, regrets, and emotions. It is a most unique and special way of knowing about a person, and I highly recommend it.

Wine of Deepsight

This wine, when consumed, grants advantage on Wisdom (Insight) checks to discern a person’s motivation or information about their past or present. Both deep and surface thoughts are visible to the drinker, though surface thoughts are much louder and easier to detect. Thoughts of all sorts are vaporous, and while it is possible to tell in general what an individual is thinking about, fine detail is not immediately apparent. The game master determines what exactly can be perceived.

Lathan’s Return

The fae known as Lathan has returned! We thought him gone, at long last, but alas, such is not to be our fate. A witness observed him teaching a crocodile to play hopscotch yesterday morning, and yesterday afternoon he was seen absconding with a large barrel of peanuts from the town shellery. Rumours abound that the troublesome fae is starting his own circus, a conjecture that cannot possibly end in anything but unmitigated chaos.

The Ring of Inking

Have you ever wished to indicate your thoughts with a picture, but couldn’t find a pen at hand? Or wanted to draw in three dimensions? Or needed to leave a message for your fellow adventurers in a place they couldn’t miss? Want no more, for the ring of inking is here! Yours for the low, low price of 120 GP, the ring fills with normal ink and can be used to write on any surface, or even in mid-air! Simply depress the button and the special stasis magic will suspend the ink wherever you trace your finger!

Ring of Inking

This ring can be used to draw anything the wearer desires, on any surface or in midair. It can be used 8 times before needing to be refilled, and can be refilled with commonly available ink for quills and fountain pens.

City of Echoes

If you’ve been living under a rock, then you might not have heard of City of Echoes – our new campaign starting up on Thursdays at 5:30/6:00pm Central Daylight Time. This week’s inaugural session will begin at 5:30pm Central and will feature a brief introduction to the City of Echoes and the world of Ilea.

Shadow’s Dagger

The daggers of the legendary Shadow herself have been duplicated by our own industrious Malfavhar, who claims he has them almost perfect. We’re sure whatever defects remain are more than covered by our exceptional craftsmenship and warranty policies, but even if they aren’t, what could possibly go wrong?

Shadow’s Daggers

Shadow’s daggers, sold as a matching set, are exquisitely crafted from the finest bladestone and have a dull purple gleam that matches well with their polished obsidian handles. Engraved with the symbol of the queen, these daggers are combat-ready and enchanted with a number of special features.


Shadow’s daggers deal 1d6 slashing damage on a successful attack.


Necrotic Slake

Once per day, the wielder may choose to have their daggers thirst for the soul of a struck target. Following a successful attack roll, the wielder may declare an additional 1d6 necrotic damage. This feature recharges after a long or short rest.

Inscribed Circle

Once per day, the wielder may cast the Detect Evil and Good spell for free as a ritual. The wielder regains the use of this feature after finishing a long rest.


When thrown, Shadow’s daggers allow the wielder to add double their proficiency bonus to the attack roll instead of their normal proficiency bonus. Additionally, any wielder who is proficient with Shadow’s daggers and who is attuned to them is considered proficient in their throwing.

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