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Dead Sea Almanac – May 7, 2019

The culture of Westport in review! Learn about the taverns, the fashions, the performances of the fine arts, and most importantly, the food!

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The Culture Review

In today’s issue, we offer a review of the culture – good, bad, and ugly.

Tavern Round Up: The Icefire Dragon

It wouldn’t be Tuesday unless you were visiting the tavern for free snacks, and we’ve picked out one of our favorites this week. The Icefire Dragon is a fine inn and tavern of most reputable nature, and their free snacks, we must say, are the best! They have the finest pub mix available and Gherro is fond of seasoning it with his own special mixture from the eastern mountains. There’s also the potsticker special – six potstickers for a crown on Tuesdays only! We recommend the mutton if you’re looking for a full meal; it comes with mashed potatoes, gravy, and seasoned roast vegetables.

Proprietor Bio: Gherro Stronghand

Born in the mountains to the east, Gherro grew up the youngest of seven children in the dwarven city of Helfire. Working on the Dragon Forges from a young age, he quickly realized the smith’s life was not for him and turned his attention to cooking, his side hobby, which quickly ballooned into employment and then ownership of a successful inn. When he felt the need to get abroad for a spell, he came here, and fell in love with the city. Two years later, he came back, set up shop, and hasn’t left except to visit family since. These days, you can find him tending bar at the Icefire Dragon and making the finest food the city has to offer. He’s quick with a joke or a left hook if you’re in need of one, and he doesn’t mind telling a story or two from time to time.

Fasion Review

Long Tunics: In

This week on the fashion circuit we have a new item making the rounds: long tunics. Worn with normal pants, the long tunic drapes between the legs in front and back, and often features decorative gilding or etching as it falls to knee height.

Scarves: Out

This week saw a marked decrease in the wearing of scarves among the who’s who, most probably because the weather has become too hot for them and because of the recent trend in necklaces which don’t pair well. A light scarf is still okay, but don’t wear a heavy one – that’s just weird.

Wolf’s Corner: Setting Details

If you want details on any person, place, concept, or thing in the world of Ilea, just write in – I can’t promise I’ll answer every query individually, but I’m happy to include more details in the Almanac about the topics that readers find the most compelling.


This week in the theatre there is a new performance to take in, and we cannot recommend enough against seeing it. The performers at the Firmament have historically done quite well, but for Taela’s Voyage that is not the case. The play is poorly written, and it’s clear the actors haven’t had enough time to rehearse. We’ll blame this one on management, but don’t waste your dough. Wait for the upcoming summer season and a performance of Winterbeast for your hard-earned funds.

Performer Biography: Marianne Strickland

While the rest of the performers at the Firmament are lackluster, it’s clear that Marianne Strickland has spent every waking hour rehearsing her role. She nails the performance of Taela Silvereye perfectly, representing all the glory and grandeur of the Silver Queen while also bringing her warmth and uncertainty to the stage in what we can only call a masterful performance.


This week on the food circuit has been particularly eventful: the wonderful Mariopana’s closed, while two new restaurants have opened: Mario’s Legacy and the Platypus Grill and Smokehouse. The former offers traditional imperial food: spaghetti, piaso sauce, and comelli bread*, while the latter specializes in smoked and barbecued meats from all over the known world, especially those which have to be imported from distant lands. We love Mario’s cooking and we’re glad to see him open a new restaurant, even if we are sad to see the old one go. Brad Rickshaw’s cooking, on the other hand, is new to our palate, but equally delicious in an entirely different and far simpler way. We recommend either for a solo meal, but Mario’s has the far better atmosphere for romantic dining.

*A type of red sauce made with tomatoes, zuchinni, and several herbs.

**A type of bread shaped like a long baguette, sliced and saturated with butter as it bakes, then cut into slices and heated with cheese and onions.

Wine and Chocolate

Melanie and Melinda here to bring you this week’s latest and greatest in the wine and chocolate department! Try the Dead Sea Trading Company’s luscious new Cabernet Truffles! We’ve both reviewed them and we both love them wholeheartedly! Of all the products in the DSTC lineup this summer, this is the one that is sure to get you that second date when you gift it to your beloved. Perfect for a romantic picnic or an apology gift for the time you left your boots on the nice new mat! Come on over and get yours today; we’re even giving out free samples! And, while you’re here, pick up our ’17 Cabernet too*!

*Yes, wines are named by their regions, and no, there is no Cabernet region in Ilea. But if I named it a “Foothills Wine” you’d really have no frame of reference on the taste, now would you?

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