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Dead Sea Almanac – May 1, 2019

Spring is in the air! Come enjoy the sights and sounds of May Day, the festival which commemorates the coming of the warm half of the year!

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May Day Celebrations!

Today is May Day, ladies and gentlemen, and do we have a special issue for you! As you wander the streets and avenues of the town fair, we hope you find one of our almanacs wrapping your fish and chips or used to protect a purchase! More than that, we have an itinerary of the day’s most important destinations and entertainments! Be sure to read through the whole issue so you don’t miss anything!


May day comes but once a year, and we all must enjoy the fresh air and the street vendors that come with! Pretzels, chocolates, fine alcohols, and greasy street food – we have it all this year! Come check us out at the following locations!

Gustav’s Chipwagon

Come join Gustav on aisle eight, where our adventuring chef has gone out of his way to prepare some of our favorite local delicacies! From fish and chips to battered chicken and smoked sausage, our very own gourmet is certain to have the comfort food you love – and that your waistline doesn’t! He even has something new to Westport this year – a dish he is calling “battered onions” that’s already hugely popular with the locals!

Melanie’s Marvelous Bar!

Come get your hand stamped at our very own alcoholic beverage provider, Melanie’s three-booth installation in aisle thirteen! Featuring the finest dwarven, elven, and foreign ales, as well as our own home-brew stout, we’re sure to find something exotic and flavorful that suits your fancy! Come drink the fruity flavors of the Forbidden Isles with our famous margarita, or enjoy the honeyed meads of the southern mountains with a dash of cherry or strawberry for the spring! Customers must be sixteen or older or accompanied by a responsible adult to partake of alcoholic beverages.

Melinda’s Marvelous Chocolates!

If you thought the alcohol was worth a stop, think again! Our very own Melinda, now a correspondent, has invented a new manner of imbuing magic into chocolates while brewing them, resulting in a truly enchanting array of delicious desserts! Float in the air with a Truffle of Buoyancy, or speak like an animal with any of our assorted spring characters! There’s even a rumor of something called “fondue” that you definitely won’t want to miss! Stop by aisle sixteen!


May Pole Session: Three O’Clock

It wouldn’t be May Day without a May Pole, and we at the Almanac are proud to announce that this year we are a Gold-Tier Sponsor of the festivities! At this level, we’re entitled to our very own pole-twining, so come on over at three o’clock to join us for a very special session featuring all of your favorite merchants and personalities! We’re told that no less than half the town will be there, so make sure to buy your tickets before they all sell out!

Dunking Booth

If you’ve ever wanted to see Mayor Edsford dunked, now is your chance! The town’s honorable patron has named himself officially the Town Fool for the duration of the event, and you can find him wearing the silliest of outfits and waiting to be dunked at our throwing booth on aisle one! Five copper pieces will net you a throw, and all proceeds go to the Edsford Fund for the Disadvantaged!

Curiosities! Curios! Treasures from Abroad!

Come join the Magnificent Malfavhar at his booth in aisle three for a look at some of the more exotic treasures he has collected over the years! Fun for adventurers of all ages, this hands-on exhibit will show you geodes, skeletons of beasts long believed impossible, and a true-to-life collection of the finest talismans and signets ever to come before him! We’re sure we have the only bigfoot rug at the entire fair!

Archery and Throwing Contest

The son of our very own mayor, Roger Edsford II, is presiding over this year’s archery and throwing contest, to be held on the main green from twelve-thirty to two-thirty this afternoon! Combatants of all skill levels are welcome, and will be sorted into prize pools according to skill. The finest bowman in the realm is said to walk away with the bow of the Jolly Grinsman himself, donated anonymously to the organizers! One thing’s for certain – there will be a very large purse!


Malfavhar’s Gems and Geodes

Run in the adjacent booth to Malfavhar’s curiosities tent by someone we can only describe as his temporal clone, the gems and geodes emporium is sure to have any rock, fossil, or fruit of the earth that you are likely to need. We recommend the coffee-table pieces for you nobles out there; they always wow onlookers. For the rest of you, a geode or a field guide or a loupe or a rock hammer would make an excellent addition to your collection, so stop on by! Aisle three!

Mrs. Macready’s Used and Antique Books

Your favorite collector and distributor of used and antique books is here at the fair, with an open-air shop featuring the best in summertime books! Read novels of romance, books on artisanal crafts, and everything in between! Rumor has it there’s even an old tome from the city’s founding on display and available to collectors of the highest degree! Visit the bookstore on aisle seven!

Brooms Galore

Managed by one of Melinda’s associates, Brooms Galore is on aisle seventeen and features much more than simply brooms for the aspiring witch! Cauldrons, reagents, and magical footwear and clothing of all descript are on sale, as well as used magical tomes suitable for any student at the Institute! Melinda’s apprentices run a tight shop, and will be happy to help you find anything you might need!

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