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Dead Sea Almanac – April 30, 2019

The Spear of Huntington, movement in the tale of the crown princess, and tales of the fae.

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Featured Item

Today’s featured item is an unusual weapon: a spear passed down to us from the triumphant general Duke Huntington, whose passing we mourn greatly. The duke’s instructions are clear: whoever the spear reacts to has a claim upon it, and may take it from our office.

The Spear of Huntington

Chaotic Good Magical Weapon

This +1 weapon appears to be a normal spear, but deals magical piercing damage and is sentient. It has a memory of the Duke’s exploits, although it can communicate only in images and flashbacks.

While holding the spear, a dying creature is automatically stabilized. In addition, the spear posesses a resonance for magical enchantments and begins to glow in the presence of strong magic. It can also be used to dispel some enchantments with physical force.

A Story from the Frontier

We have, at long last, motion in the story of the Crown Princess! Her highness Sarah Longmire was seen, if accounts are to be believed, at a public election in Sariland, where it is said she was fleeing two bandits dressed in black! Agents of the crown have already been dispatched to investigate, but one thing is certain – she and David Coppel have certainly made it further than could ever have been expected, and have done so with a remarkable degree of quiet.

From the Tome: Elixir of Vapors

This infernal concotion from Mordekar’s writings is much like the potions our own mages use to turn themselves to gas or venture to the ethereal plane, but it exists much more strongly and with an element of necromancy. Prepared from the bones of the restless dead, the tear of a unicorn, and the vapors of a dispelled ghost, this powerfully necromantic potion allows the wearer to assume the form of a vaporous ghost at will for the duration of one hour, and to return to physical form as they desire. It also grants sight into the ethereal and spirit planes, and truesight of ghosts, spirits, and apparitions within sixty feet on the material plane and its adjacencies. We will never try to brew such a potion ourselves, but it serves as an interesting historical note and an item of awe and fear.

Tuesday Featured Titles

Today’s featured titles deal with the fae: individuals of most notorious power and capriciousness. As legendary for their riddles as for the mischief they cause, the fae are not to be trifled with; win their favor, however, and you may be able to accomplish great feats of magic!

The Fae
1The Fairy Ring
2The Lake of Mirrors
3Cooking with the Fae: A Practicum
4Hearts Entwined
5A Riddle for my Heart
6The Adventures of Damian Ell
The Fairy Ring

This book about a young girl’s journey to adulthood shows her growing relationship with the fae. Believing them at first to be dangerous, Rachel eventually comes to realize that they represent freedom from the societal conventions to which she has been bound, and in turn embraces that freedom by running off with the charming Rain. A timeless classic.

The Lake of Mirrors

A newer novel by a debut writer, The Lake of Mirrors tells the tale of a brother and sister sent to a cabin in the woods upon Marsdell Lake, where they discover a significant fae presence in the hallowed region. Facing possibilities of past, present, and future, the twins are driven apart even as they are brought together, and the tale ends on a riveting cliffhanger.

Cooking with the Fae: A Practicum

This book by renowned culinary artist Sarah Follin tells of her unique relationship with the fae and with brownies in particular – creatures she claims will help her cook and teach her recipes because of her part-fae ancestry.

Hearts Entwined

This tale revisits the story of The Fairy Ring and adds an additional character: Rain’s lover, Mist. When Rachel’s actions cause a rift between the two fae, they are driven apart, only to realize their mistake too late when Rachel’s relatives come looking for him and find her. Cradling the dying Mist in his arms, Rain places a curse on the town, and he and Rachel run off into the wilds.

A Riddle for my Heart

This charming short story tells the tale of a human maiden who gives her heart to a fae in exchange for the answers to his riddles.

The Adventures of Damian Ell

This tale details the story of the only man rumored to have kept a fae as a travelling companion: the legendary Damian Ell. It tells of many exploits, including the slaying of a giant and the discovery of honey from braving bees.

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