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Dead Sea Almanac – April 23, 2019

Melinda submits a featured item, an octopus attacks, and our Tuesday Titles feature all manner of mystery and magic.

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Featured Item

Today’s featured item comes from a new contact of ours – the witch known as Melinda, who has given to us a most curious set of contact lenses she claims allow the owner to see through walls. In trying them out, we have found that indeed they work for this purpose, and many more – one can see through tables, doors, and filing cabinets as well. Though the vision is not perfect – one can only see vague outlines of shapes in the space behind, we find Melinda’s new discovery of “astral rays” to be quite useful.


The Astral-Ray Contacts (or goggles, or spectacles, or monacle – whatever floats your boat) allow the person wearing them to see through walls to a limited extent, much in the way that x-ray vision has always worked in superhero fiction. It penetrates about one meter of most common materials, allowing one to see ghost-like images of the internal contents of things like rooms, safes, and cabinets, but is blocked by lead, gold, and other more arcane substances. It’s not immediately apparant to onlookers that the wearer is utilizing such a power, although knowledge about what exists in cabinets and drawers and the like may be a giveaway in certain instances.

A Story From the Frontier

Yesterday evening saw an attack at the swimming shores of a monsterous squid some say the size of an elephant, which seems to have taken a young girl back to its lair to feast upon. The beast appeared around three-thirty in the afternoon while swimmers bathed in the water and enjoyed the good weather in this, the first week for the beach to be open. Unfortunately for them, the creature was immediately hostile, and injured four swimmers before picking out its prey – an eleven-year-old girl known as Madeline. Her mother is quite distraught, and in conjunction with the story the editors offer a reward of twenty-five crown for information leading to closure for the parents.

Wolf’s Corner: The Developing Story

Your players can chase this squid without incident, but they’ll find that it’s actually made friends with Madeline and is attempting to play house with her. It’s also, coincidentally, an octopus. They’ll need breathing gear to reach her, as she’s found one of those enchanted diving helms and is thirty feet underwater.

In Other News

  • Mayor Edsford has announced the courtship of his daughter Elecia by an unknown suitor; we wish her all the best but are intensely curious as to who the myster man might be.
  • The town ferrier and smith would like to thank Claude for his provision of ferrous metals, which is most generous.

Tuesday Titles

In this week’s installment of Tuesday Titles, we bring to you the mysteries of the arcane, both real and imagined. This week’s collection of titles is sure to leave you puzzling over the universe’s myriad mysteries until late into the night.

Magic and Mystery
1On the Origins of Magical Crystals
2The Starving Time
3The Mystery of Time
4The Waystones
5Paths Apart
On the Origins of Magical Crystals

This book details the way in which magical crystals – including mana crystals – function, and helps to shed some light on the developing Crystal Crisis on our sister plane of Argos*. It details mind-stones, stones of seeing and travelling, and the imbuement power of gems.

* See our Saturday night campaign – Soul Sword Renegades – for details! -L.W.

The Starving Time

This adventure, featuring the famous detective Arthur Angstrom, sees a village afflicted by the failure of their crops and terrified by the appearance of arcane beasts. Angstrom soon realizes he’s in for more than he bargained for when a dark mage seems to be to blame.

The Mystery of Time

This non-fiction best-seller, written by the time mage known as The Immortal, has garnered scathing reviews and devoted fans for the claimed immortality and time travel of its author, who explains in terms “a layman could understand” how time works and how it is that he manipulates it.

The Waystones

This ancient text, written in the second-age, details the usage of the first-age waystones, portals into a mysterious realm that shortens the distances between points, which now lies in decay and danger as a place of unchecked hostile magic.

Paths Apart

In this, the seventh installment in the Arthur Angstrom series, Angstrom and his apprentice Lily go their separate ways at the breaking of the world, only to find that fate has driven them together. Will Angstrom be able to overcome the dangers of a time-space vortex created by a broken waygate? And what will become of his charge?


In this riveting first installment of the Horseheart trilogy, Amanda Herron must face her fear and discover the magic behind the white stallion she sees appearing in winter. What causes the eternal snow, and how will she save her people?

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