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Dead Sea Almanac – April 22, 2019

Coins of Invisibility, Malfavhar meets his match, a twist in the tale of Marcus Linacre.

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Featured Item

Today’s featured item is sent to us by Captain Clarke – and this time, we are glad to receive it. The enchanted coin is an amazing item that, when flipped, renders the wearer momentarily invisible to the naked eye. She has sent us an entire chest full, and claims to have found them in Newfoundland in a cave inhabited by a sea hag who disliked the look of her many prisoners. We salute Captain Clarke, and promise to deliver fifty percent of the profits from all sales to her lawfully appointed representative – since clearly we as law-abiding citizens of the empire would never contact a pirate without immediately reporting it to the nearest police.


The Coin of Invisibility is a wondrous item that grants the wearer True Invisibility for a limited period of time. When flipped into the air with a flourish, it renders the wearer invisible to all forms of detection – including truesight and other such advanced means – for exactly three seconds, granting the user time to move up to half their speed or take a single action or bonus action. When they have chosen one of these three actions, they may take it before re-appearing as the coin hits the ground; the dungeon master determines what the effects of invisibility are, but generally movement will not provoke attacks of opportunity and attacks are considered to be made by an unseen attacker. It may also grant the ability to make a stealth check to hide behind a nearby object or obstruction or cause a character to be surprised by an unseen attack or the casting of a spell.

A Story From the Frontier

It is said that on Saturday, the villainous Marcus Linacre was found deposited in an alley by villains who remain unknown – or perhaps heroes. In his autopsy, it was found that he had swallowed a map made on parchement. The map is degraded from the fluids of his body, but enough is legible to see that it marks the location of the circle of standing stones which appeared outside of Eastbrook some weeks past. Little is known about the circle, other than that it is fey in origin. Linacre’s connection is unknown, but he was also carrying a dagger of iron, despite having his prefered bone weapons close at hand. This can only bode ill, so perhaps whoever stopped him has done us a great service. Time will tell what their motivations are in turn.

In Other News

  • The mayor has posted a fifty crown bounty for the safe return of Westport’s very own Malfavhar.
  • There is to be a joust this Wednesday for the rights to manage the Dead Sea Salt Mines; noblemen are encouraged to apply for the charter from the duke.
  • A mermaid has shown up in town, claiming to be pursued by a mysterious black rider; we think we recognize her from several weeks ago.

Malfavhar’s Monday Madness

Today, I, Malfavhar, have ventured to the lair of the witch Melinda, who will never discover my plan to steal her bats’ wings while pretending to be the cauldron delivery man! In fact, I… [Malfavhar’s letter stops here, and the handwriting changes]

I, the Marvelous Melinda – you can call me Mel – will describe my own workspace, thank you very much. You’re all invited for tea at three o’clock precisely tomorrow if you wish to see it for yourself, though I dare say only the bravest of adventurers would hazard such proximity to so powerful of an individual.

Melinda’s Laboratory
1d8Item of Special Note
1A toad who used to be a very nosy wizard, and who’s lucky I don’t boil him in a soup.
2My broomstick, the fastest mode of transportation for the adventuring modern witch, enchanted so that I never need worry of falling off.
3A pair of gloves that I wear when reacting all manner of alchemical reagents, made of calfskin leather and kept clean by my very own fastidiousness enchantment.
4A collection of beakers that I use when practicing alchemistry, along with all manner of connecting tubes, stills, and condensers.
5My cast iron cauldron, made from the armor of the last knight who bothered me.
6My scrying bowl, which this idiot appears to have dumped red pepper into, and which he will be cleaning up before he leaves.
7My wardrobe, enchanted to produce my outfits from whatever I conceive of, using the finest matter-production enchantments that have ever graced my skin.
8The dice and bones I use for divination, provided to me by the shamans to the north of here – you’d call them barbarians, but I know better.

A Description For Meddling Wizards of Poor Judgement

As you walk into the lair of the world’s most powerful witch, you find yourself trembling in fear at the thought that she might be waiting for you. Scattered around you see the accoutrements of her profession – a broomstick, a set of robes, a cauldron and a chemister’s set. You notice a toad waving at you from inside a jar with air holes, and you shudder to think what might befall you if you anger such a being. On the central table is a large map, detailing the world below, for this witch has no interest in the stars other than for the omens they portend. Wax-covered bookshelves ensconced with magical candles reveal a plethora of titles in languages you mere mortals could never read, and the specimen jars which grace them come from all over the known world and even some places beyond the borders of your maps. A tea set, sure enough, has been laid for visitors.

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