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Dead Sea Almanac – April 19, 2019

The Sword of Ilmadris, Roger Edsford II, and Lathan and a Fire Elemental

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A Story From the Frontier

Today’s story involves the fey Lathan and a fire elemental. It is said that a fire elemental controlled or summoned by our very own columnist Malfavhar at his tower to the north-east of town had a run in with the rogue fey, who transformed him into a towering creature some two stories tall and loosed him upon nearby farmsteads with a ravenous hunger. The fey is already wanted in connection with the chupacabra he released or created last week, and we are not impresssed with his latest shenanigans, which caused danger and the loss of a farmhouse.

In Other News

  • The Swimming shores are now open throughout Westport after the season’s increasingly warm weather.
  • The town ferrier seeks assistance with the provisioning of iron for horse shoes; he claims his latest two shipments were stolen by highwaymen resembling trolls.
  • Claude has gifted to Westport a goose the size of the mayor’s house, which he claims will be most delicious at our upcoming feast.

Friday Hero: Roger Edsford II

Today’s hero is a man many of you may know from around town: the son of our mayor, the honorable Roger Edsford II, and known by some other names which have recently come to light. A champion for the underdog and a loyal servant of the empire, the younger Edsford is renowned for his skill at archery and with a sword, but even more so for his skill as a politician and statesman of the finest caliber. We are certain he will continue a fine tradition of excellence in leadership as he has announced he intends to run for the mayorship when his father retires at the end of the current term.

The Sword of Imladris

This famous weapon, responsible for the death of the dragon Elzabek in the second age and heirloom of the famous warrior Elamis and his descendents, graced our possession some three hundred years ago with the founding of the Imperial Vault. Rumored to be sentient in the hands of the correct wielder, this legendary sword is known to have powers far greater than any of its wielders before Tarren imagined. In his hands, the blade became a living force, responsible for the lives and deaths of thousands. It was his daughter Aleah who entrusted it to us, and it has remained safe ever since.

The Sword of Imladris

Chaotic Good Magical Weapon


  • Slashing 1d8/1d10
  • Additional 2d6 Radiant on Hit


Shield of Faith

Once per day, the wielder may summon a shield of radiant energy which protects a 10-foot-radius sphere by absorbing up to 600 damage from any source. The shield lasts for one round and absorbs all damage which would enter the area during that time, until and unless it breaks.


The sword is feared and hated among dragons, and grants advantage on Charisma (Intimidation) checks against them, while imposing disadvantage on all other Charisma checks against them. Additionally, the sword ignores the resistances of dragons and forces them to make concentration saving throws at disadvantage.

Sentient Weapon

Imladris is a sentient weapon, and will talk to a properly attuned wielder. It prefers elven wielders, has a strong distrust of dragons, and thrills to sever undead limb from limb. It is chaotic good in alignment and considers itself the weapon of a great hero who is willing to do anything to protect the innocent. The weapon also has an awareness of its surroundings and a perfect photographic memory.

Healing Grace

Imladris can heal up to one hundred hit points of creatures per day by coming into physical contact with them; to do so, it must be in contact with a creature for one turn, and both it and the creature must remain still and cannot act. It may be used to heal any amount up to the maximum, and regains all hit points when the sword finishes a long rest with its wielder.

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