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Dead Sea Almanac – April 17, 2019

Snow Globes of Travelling, The Fallout of the Weekend’s Adventure, and The Delights of the Dragon Peaks

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Featured Item

Today’s featured item is a gift from the Mayor for his re-election: a series of commemorative snow-globes which take the user to actual snowy places in the world. There is one for the Dragon Peaks, another for the Southern Mountains, and yet another for a range in the foreign lands named the Yeti Ridge. We also wish to remind readers that even though it is warming up, the Dead Sea Trading Company is pleased to offer cold-weather gear year-round at any of our outfitters throughout the realm, including the one here in Westport.


The Snow Globe of Travelling is a snow globe that, when shaken and activated with a special incantation, creates a portal to the place depicted. They come in several varieties, which you should add depending on what cold locations are worth travelling to in your campaign. The magic that makes them work is unusable with warm locations as of yet, so they aren’t a phlebotinous travel solution so much as they are an excuse to drive the players along certain paths. It’s also worth noting that once used, the portal closes – there is no going back to whence you came, except by other means of travel – such as a snow globe for a different location. The globe may be used once per day to transport up to eight characters, and regains its charge after a long rest.

A Story From the Frontier

After the events that unfolded in the early morning Tuesday, and the election which followed, we are proud to announce that our beloved mayor was re-elected for his appointed term of three more years, and the newly exposed Marston was gaoled as a villain, his injustices being made clear. We the editors are most happy with this turn of events, and wish our mayor the very best going forward.

The editors also wish to issue an apology to the men they have lambasted, who shall go by no name here, being those opposed to Marston and his cronies. We are forever in your debt, as are the people of Westport.

In Other News

  • The crown issues a warrent for the arrest of several outlaws known to have colluded in the robbery of the Dead Sea Salt Mines.
  • The Duke of Eastbrook informs us that he has decided to replace the labor force of the mines with paid labor going forward, now that they have been seized by the duchy, and swears to immediately have a full safety inspection performed.
Wolf’s Corner

Today’s news involves the events of the ongoing canon featured in The Outlaws of Atwood Forest. If you ran that adventure, and things went differently, you may need to update events going forward.

Wednesday Delights

This week, I, Chef Gustav, have travelled to the barbarous peoples who reside in the foothills of the Dragon Peaks. There I find all manner of simple delicacy and a few things which are greatly surprising, such as the wyrm eggs I now mention. I took it upon myself this week to enjoy meals rather than being a part of them, and I am proud to say I entirely succeeded.

Delights of the Dragon Foothills
1d6Barbarian Delicacy
1Venison Stew
2Stuffed Gar Root
3Wyrm Eggs
4Wild Flapperfish
5Wildberry Salad
6Bear Claws
Venison Stew

This stew is made from venison, with a mix of other small game, and roots and tubers thrown in. It is frequently made with greens, as well, and is as varied as the foragers who produce it.

Stuffed Gar Root

This is the root of a great tree, harvested only when it has fallen, which is of consistency like a nut, and which is served stuffed with ground vegetables such as carrots and leeks. I am told this was the first to have been served in three weeks, and that it is exceedingly rare.

Wyrm Eggs

A testament to the bravery of the barbarians, eggs raided from the nest of a lesser wyrm are cooked whole in the flames of an open fire, and are then cracked and poured into bowls for the consumption of all around. A single wyrm egg can feed an entire hunting party for a hearty meal, though I cannot say much for the taste.

Wild Flapperfish

Served roast over an open flame, the wild flapperfish is longer than a man’s forearm and can only be caught by a skilled angler, who is then reputed by the length of the longest he has caught and the time taken to catch it. The barbarians eat them with the scales still on, although I cannot.

Wildberry Salad

Of peculiar note in the barbarian diet is a fascination with wild berries, which I suppose to be their main source of sugar since they eat no cultivated fruits and drink no wine. The berries are quite delicious, although they stain the hands for some time after.

Bear Claws

These almond-based pastries are delicously flaky, and are one of the few truly cultured items the barbarians eat.

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