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Dead Sea Almanac – April 16, 2019

Use the Self-Lighting Lantern on your campfires or enemies, and learn about the mysterious Shadow while reading tales of Dragons!

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Featured Item

Today’s item is the wonderous Self-Lighting Lantern! Unflappable in any wind, undousable by any spray, this lantern lights any and all fires for your heart’s content, including those of your enemies! Yours today, for only fifty crown!*

*Oil sold separately for the modest price of two Sarilandic Serpent per day’s supply.


The Self-Lighting Lantern is a lantern that, when extinguished, relights itself if there is a supply of oil remaining. It has enough oil for twenty-four hours and can be refilled as part of a long rest for 2 SP worth of oil. The lantern can also be used to light any fire, or as an action to light any reasonably flammable substance that’s not being worn or carried (or that is, with an appropriate attack roll).

A Story From the Frontier

Today, the villain known as the Reaper was reported to be in combat with the nearly-as-notorious Shadow. What could drive them to blows with each other is unknown, though it must certainly be a prize of great value to have attracted the attention of one of the Queen’s Assassins, as we now believe her to be. The Reaper is said to have gotten the worse end of the deal, being wounded upon the arm before he managed to make his escape by the arrival of the guard. The young woman appeared for a moment to think about fighting her way out, but with the presence of no less than three Westport guardsmen she was inevitably forced to admit defeat, and now resides in Westport’s gaol. She has said nothing, and indicates no intent to defend herself from any accusation. Some notorious villain, this one!

Wolf’s Corner: Shadow

Shadow, as she prefers to be known, is indeed one of the Queen’s Assassins: a notoriously lethal group of spies and assassins who serve the Queen of the Drow, Lillian. She is a heroic Rogue and could have easily dealt with three guardsmen, but elected not to on the presupposition that they might have families. She’s been chasing the Reaper ever since he killed one of her sisters in the order in her sleep, and has pursued him from the underdark through several towns and villages to here, the first major city they have stopped in. She wounded him in today’s encounter and is looking to finish him off, an activity the heroes might be able to help with if they help her out of jail. She’s not interested in the 200GP bounty on his head, only in his death at her hand. Her bail is worth fifty crown, and she knows where he’s hiding out – a warehouse crewed by Skelt’s Crew, the local lowlifes of the tenth district.

Tuesday Titles

Today’s titles all deal with dragons: big ones, small ones, good and evil. The fire-breathing creatures in the mountains to our east keep many eyes transfixed, and many minds and hearts as well, not to mention the even greater wyrms to the south.

1d6Book about Dragons
1Casper’s Quest
2The Hoard of Enkvil
3Sunset Skies: A Rider’s Tale of Mystery and Adventure
4Your Dragon Ate My Cat: A Collection of Tales for Young Dragonborn
5The Sword of Imladris
Casper’s Quest

This allegedly historical tale describes events having taken place in the first age, when magic was still young and the dragon’s heart-stones began to die. Casper, a young dragon, goes on a quest to restore them for the great mother of magic and dragonkind, Thea. Along the way he is joined by a girl named Therea who eventually becomes her avatar.

The Hoard of Enkvil

Written from the perspective of a dragon, The Hoard of Enkvil details Enkvil’s eventual descent into madness as he imagines first adventurers and then his own kin to be rivals hoping to steal away his horde.

Sunset Skies

This is the true-life biography, admittedly with some embellishment, of Maricia Alverz, a second-age dragon rider of the flying city. It details her relationship with her dragon, Demis, and her friends and love interest, Luke Eron.

Your Dragon Ate My Cat

This children’s book compendium features a plethora of young tales featuring Dennis, a young red Dragonborn who constantly gets himself into trouble. Throughout the tales, Dennis is referred to as a “dragon” by his non-dragonborn classmates, which upsets him greatly.

The Sword of Imladris

A tale written by the elves of the events surrounding the Dragon War of the Second Age, this features the noble hero Elamis fighting to overcome the hideous golden dragon Elzabek, whose choice to become evil upset the cosmic balance of the weave and destroyed nations.


A tale written by the dragon-riders of the second age, this book features the events of the Dragon War from the perspective of Elzabek and his wrider, Emel, as she attempts to undo the great wrong that turned the golden dragons evil, and eventually succeeds at the cost of her lifelong friend’s heart-stone being shattered by the misguided elven warrior Elamis.

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