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Dead Sea Almanac – April 11, 2019

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Featured Brew

Today’s featured brew is a remarkable bitter called Dwarven Stalwart. A brew made from roots and lightly hinted with cinnamon, this dark brown, grainy liquor is a favorite among dwarves and other cavern-folk. Burning with a fiery aftertaste that leaves one’s eyes watering, the hard-drinking, hard-hitting liquor is not to be taken lightly.

Dwarven Stalwart’s Effects

A character who drinks Dwarven Stalwart makes a DC 10 Constitution saving throw; if they succeed on the throw, they gain one point of constitution until their next long rest; if they fail, they lose a point of wisdom for the same duration. Both effects stack with the number of glasses consumed. A wisdom of less than six is considered crippling.

A Story From the Frontier

The crown princess has been kidnapped! We, the editors of the Dead Sea Almanac, are most distressed, and issue a reward of two hundred crown for information leading to her recovery. The most notorious villain David Coppel is held responsible, and the editors are sure our readers will deal with him with all swift justice.

We are informed in good trust that the princess was last seen leaving the town to the south, wearing a pair of riding trousers and a light cotton tunic more fitted to the capital than to our own climes. A two-day trajectory puts her half-way to the Sarilandic passes by now along the King’s road, but her failure to appear at scry points is worrisome, so her captor may have taken her off-road.

Wanted Profile: Marcus Linacre

Marcus Linacre, otherwise known as The Reaper, is believed to be responsible for no less than thirteen deaths in the past two months. Posessed of a scar over his left eye and a wicked grin, this pale-faced fiend is of unknown origin – perhaps a high elf once, but certainly no longer sharing any aspect of that destiny. His wicked blade of bone is said to have a channel cut for blood, which he ostensibly licks after dealing with each victim. Linacre is considered a competent acrobat and second-story man and is known to have slain victims in their places of residence or employment in the early morning hours.

In Other News

  • The Queen’s Stallion is said to have returned in a blaze of glory; what could this possibly herald?
  • The mayor’s son claims his house is being watched by agents of the notorious Robert Marston; what trouble could be afoot?
  • The trouble in Atlantis continues; it is said that losses in magical power have begun to plague the city as well.

This Week’s Wanted

By request of the city council, here are this week’s wanted individuals:

1d6Wanted IndividualBounty
1Sarah Longmire1,000 GP
2David Coppel500 GP
3The Jolly Grinsman350 GP
4Rachel Vinaigre150 GP
5Marcus Linacre150 GP
6Shadow75 GP
7Important NPC
8Player Character
Sarah Longmire

A bounty is placed for the safe return of the crown princess to her caretakers after her disappearance Tuesday past. She is believed to have been kidnapped by David Coppel, a smith from Westport who is believed to have gone insane.

David Coppel

Wanted in connection with the disappearance of the crown princess, suspected to have gone insane. Dangerous and probably armed. Last seen exiting Westport to the south with the crown princess in tow.

The Jolly Grinsman

Wanted in connection with several counts of murder and highway robbery. Believed to be a permanent resident of Atwood Forest, and this week wanted for the removal of an arch-bishop’s pants on his way into town.

Rachel Vinaigre

Wanted in connection with the activities of the Jolly Good Fellows, and believed to be in their association. Armed and dangerous; approach with caution.

Marcus Linacre

Wanted in connection with the deaths of seven prostitutes, four sailors, and two serving maids; believed to be the notorious serial killer known as The Reaper. Considered extremely dangerous; contact authorities if spotted.


The elusive woman known only as Shadow is wanted for questioning by police.

Wolf’s Corner: Wanted Updates

Moving forward, we’ve decided to reduce the number of individuals in the wanted column to allow for better descriptions of each. Expect to see more of the characters in this week’s wanted column as time unfolds.

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