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Dead Sea Almanac – Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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Featured Item

Today’s item is a book of great power: the Tome of Entrapment. With this item, you can trap your enemies or forever make yourself immortal in the pages of a book; the editors profess all such shenanigans base and inane but offer the item for sale regardless because of our staunch belief in a free marketplace. This book tells great stories, and it traps men and women of great evil as well as good*. Surely a wonderous addition to the wares of any collector or adventurer.

* At least until someone opens the book again.


The Tome of Entrapment is a wondrous item that entraps any entity who opens it to page fifty-seven exactly; when so trapped, the book becomes about that entity and also is that entity. Trapping a fire elemental would make the book smoke when shut and show drawings of flames that produce actual heat on at least some pages; trapping an evil villain reveals their entire plans; trapping a best friend reveals whether they love you and what else they think of you, in the form or a journal or biography. Regardless of who or what is trapped (items of power can be trapped if sentient), opening the book to page fifty-seven reveals the item or person contained within, and allows them to escape while also entrapping the person who opened the book to that page.

A Story From the Frontier

Further news in the story of Rachel Vinaigre: it appears that in the early hours of last night her would-be suitor, Sir Percival Hogiston, was robbed by his intended bride-to-be and deprived of a princely sum. He claims she has fallen in with the outlaws of Atwood Forest, and now places a bounty of one-hundred-fifty crown upon her head, providing she is delivered alive to him personally. The editors remark that they have never seen a finer shade of mauve.

In Other News

  • The eligible bachelor Sir William Francis seeks a companion to travel with him to the capital; ladies and men both encouraged to apply.
  • The Mayor claims to have seen the beast plaguing farmers while golfing, and vows to do something about it, although what is not yet clear.
  • The new sport of “golf” has been invented by a man named William Robins, who claims it is a most excellent pastime.
Wolf’s Notes

The tales detailed in this week’s edition of Tuesday Titles are a mix of historically-accurate and purely-fantastical fiction within the Almanac’s setting. If a title catches your eye, be sure to let me know, and I can get you a more detailed account.

Tuesday Titles

1d6Tale of Adventure and Exploit
1The Men From Beyond
2The Sky Gate
3The Forge at King’s Peak
4The City of Crystal
5The Founding of an Empire
6Of Mice and Men
The Men From Beyond

This is the tale of two brothers from beyond our plane of existence – one with power over space and time, the other with power over energy and matter. Cold and calculating meets a razor-sharp wit and fiery passion in this tale from beyond time, set at the founding of our very own world.

The Sky Gate

In this riveting thriller, a gate opens over the floating city of Agris, threatening to tear the fabric of reality itself. Triggered by a secretive experiment gone wrong, this weave-shredding monstrosity summons forth demons and elementals into the streets of the afflicted city, something only renowned forensic detective Arthur Angstrom can overcome. Will he close the portal in time? What secrets will he reveal? And what dangers will befall a man who constantly places his life upon the line?

The Forge at King’s Peak

This true-to-life tale tells the story of the heroes of King’s Peak, a group of adventurers famous for their discipline as well as their loyalty to the king of Beren, a nation high in the clouds which once existed to our east or across the sea to the west, depending on who you believe.

The City of Crystal

Deep beneath the earth, before the last reshaping, there existed a city of crystal, with spires soaring high into the reaches of immense caverns. Lit by magic and flowing with the energy of bioluminescent organisms and cavern dwelling creatures, these incredible cities were graced by the presence of a hero in a time that could have led to their destruction.

The Founding of an Empire

Read the tale of our own empire’s founding, written by the queen’s scribe in the year seventeen from eyewitness accounts. Capturing the war-torn nations that existed before the empire’s creation and the horrors that afflicted the people of the day, this riveting account sheds new light on how and why we came to be.

Of Mice and Men

This heartwarming tale of the mousefolk Morwen embodies everything we love about the mouse-kin, and more. A fantastic tale for children and young readers, it stays true to the established history, but makes some small embellishments.

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