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Dead Sea Almanac – Friday, April 5, 2019

Featured Item

Here we go, everyone – it’s Featured Item Friday once again! Today’s legendary item is said to have belonged to Taela Silvereye and her ancestors before her, giving it it’s name: Illiel’s Longbow. Said to harness the power of the very moon, this ancient item was wielded by the great founder of our empire itself. On display for a full one week before auction, the item recently passed to us from the will of Wallace Bimbington, said to be the descendant of a close friend of the Silver Queen. Born in an age when gods and heroes walked the earth, this relic still bears all the power of a thousand unleashed arrows and a million whispered words. Stop by our trading post to see it any time, but leave your weapons at home; they will not be allowed.


Illiel’s Longbow is a magical longbow that offers +2 to hit and deals 2d6 radiant damage on a successful strike, but what makes it truly unique is that it can be used to heal allies for half the damage dealt by attacking them normally. For reasons of fairness, allies must be attacked at their normal Armor Class as though shooting at hostile targets; however, because they are not actively avoiding the blows, the shooter gains advantage on the roll. Unlike most forms of healing, Illiel’s Longbow benefits from any damage bonus that would normally apply, at the dungeon master’s discretion (see sidebar).

Additionally, when a wielder attunes with the bow, they are blinded by an overwhelming light, and become permanently devoid of normal sight. Instead, they are given truesight within a radius of one mile while they hold the bow. The wearer also receives advantage on all Wisdom(Insight), Wisdom(Perception), and Charisma(Intimidation) rolls while they hold the bow. While not in contact with the bow, the wearer’s truesight and advantages slowly fade over one minute until they become ordinarily blind and lose these bonuses.

The bow requires no ammunition and has a normal range of two thousand feet and a long range of one mile. It fires magical arrows of radiant energy that provide dim illumination in a fifteen-foot radius while travelling. Whenever an arrow strikes an inanimate surface such as a wall or tree, it lodges firmly about half of the shaft-length into the object and brightens to provide bright light in a thirty-foot radius and dim light for an additional thirty feet beyond that.

Blinding Flash

Illiel’s Longbow grants its wielder the use of an alternate attack consisting of a nonlethal flash of light bright enough to blind creatures temporarily. As an action, the wielder may choose a sphere of fifteen-foot radius within range. All creatures within that sphere must succeed on a constitution saving throw (using the wielder’s Charisma as the spellcasting ability) or be blinded until the end of the wielder’s next turn.

Friday Hero: Angela Straiting

Doctor Angela Straiting, discoverer of Atlantis, is the logical choice for today’s hero; no other arcanopathologist has accomplished so much as the sword-wielding long-coated doctor of legend. Famous for her quick wit and even sharper blade, the world’s foremost expert on mundane and magical diseases declined to offer us a comment. Nevertheless, her latest discovery opens up countless new trading opportunities and innovations for the city of Westport, as well as the empire and even the world.

Pursuing her to Atlantis, our writer found that the tireless young woman had immediately embroiled herself in researching a new condition that is overtaking the natives, and had made plans to re-obtain a stolen cache of medical supplies which were being sold to the highest bidder on the black market. Time will tell what else Angela Straiting has in store for us, but the editors of this magazine are sure it will be equally impressive.

Notable Persons This Week

  • The zoologist Richard Clavham is in town, intent on heading to Atlantis as fast as he can get there. He claims new technology allowing him to study creatures of what he calls “the trench” will deliver great rewards in science and medicine.
  • The Duke of Eastbrook has departed from his castle to visit Mayor Edsford and seek his help with the outlaws of Atwood Forest, a group he claims responsible for bringing trouble and the ire of the crown upon his subjects. The mayor made a great show of promising he will do everything possible to ensure the roads are safe.

In Other News

  • The beast known for sucking blood of animals has been sighted allegedly in farms to the north-east and on the same day to the south-east; how far will it wander?
  • Elecia Edsford has announced that she intends to study magic at the Two Rivers Institute, focusing on the ritualistic magics of the barbarian tribes.
  • A carpenter in town claims his entire store of broom handles was stolen last night, worth only a trivial amount but of great inconvenience to his apprentices.
The Outlaws of Atwood Forest

For more on Elecia Edsford, Roger Edsford I and II, Rachel Vinaigre, and the Jolly Good Fellows, see the upcoming supplement The Outlaws of Atwood Forest. Details of the setting in which the Almanac is written will also be featured, and the Duke of Eastbrook and his sheriff will make notable appearances.

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