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Dead Sea Almanac – Thursday, April 4, 2019

Featured Brew

The Dead Sea Almanac is pleased to present today’s featured beverage, our newly introduced Icemint Vodka. Crafted from the finest of ingredients in the mountain ranges to the east, this imported beverage is great for socialites looking to freshen up or commoners trying to fit in! Guaranteed to freshen your breath and taste amazing at the same time, or your money back – unless you don’t like mint, of course. We even dare say that, served chilled, it will bring a cool and refreshing touch to any summer evening. Stock up now, before the heat gets here!

Shot1 Serving8 GP
Flask4 Servings26 GP
Bottle18 Servings68 GP

* Shots are available at select liquor dealerships.

Consuming Icemint Vodka

Icemint Vodka is popular among socialites because it freshens the breath and takes the edge off. Consuming a shot or more of the drink, which smells and tastes of spearmint, grants advantage on rolls made to interact with socialites in a social setting (such as performance rolls to make a speech, deception rolls to pass off a cover story and a fake invitation, or persuasion rolls to convince an individual to agree to something reasonable). Outside of high society, there are usually no benefits.

A Story From the Frontier

Today’s story comes from Eastbrook. Seemingly overnight, a circle of standing stones has been erected there, with a cavernous opening at its center; thus far, none have dared venture inside, claiming that a strange sense of foreboding overtakes them when they attempt to do so. The circle certainly appears magical in origin; strange glyphs and runes are to be found at any point upon it, and a peculiar hum permeates the air.

In Other News

  • The mayor’s dog has had a litter; we wish him all the best in finding good homes for the puppies.
  • The outlaws of Atwood Forest have raided an imperial coach, ferrying a tax collector from Eastbrook to the capitol. The man arrived in Eastbrook most distressed and seeks alternate transportation.
  • A chest of gold has been recovered from the wreck of the RSE Saint Francis, which sank some month ago in the waters off Newfoundland Reef
1d10Wanted IndividualReward
1Jolly Grinsman300 GP
2Angus MacOwen65 GP
3Slave 4620 GP
4Rachel Vinaigre180 GP
5The Reaper65 GP
6Tobias Dyzelski45 GP
7John Smith15 GP
8Albert C. Erwin25 GP
9Important NPC15 GP
10Player Character25 GP

This Week’s Wanted Individuals

As per the request and expense of the city council, here are this week’s wanted individuals.

Jolly Grinsman, Fellow

The man introducing himself in Atwood Forest as the Jolly Grinsman is sought by the empire for crimes against its citizens.

Angus MacOwen, Highwayman

Continued over from last week, Angus MacOwen is believed to remain at large with the Jolly Good Fellows; the reward posted is for information leading to his capture or a raid on the encampment from which the Fellows strike.

Slave 46, Escapee

Wanted for escaping from lawful ownership in the northern salt mines. Thought to be attempting to pass on the road to the capitol.

Rachel Vinaigre, Standoff

Wanted for failure to appear at her wedding; suspected to be hiding outside the city.

The Reaper, Serial Killer

Wanted for the deaths of three drunken men in the last month; believed to be an alias of a gang member.

Tobias Dyzelski, Fugitive

Wanted for whatever he did to the honorable Judge Chamberlin’s insides as well as quarters; believed to be armed with as-yet-unknown materials causing severe gastric upset.

John Smith, Innkeeper’s Boy

Wanted for questioning regarding an incident at the sign of Sanden’s Lodge, alleged to have occurred in the taproom. Not to be harmed; potentially an innocent witness.

Albert C. Erwin, Lifeguard

The physics student and lifeguard is wanted in connection with an allegedly wrongful drowning and failed to appear today at his place of study or employment.

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