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Dead Sea Almanac – Monday, April 1, 2019

Featured Item

Today’s featured item is the wonderous Enchanted Snorkel. No where else can you find a snorkel designed by the discoverer of Atlantis, or a finer product of more estimable quality! Enchanted to produce air at any depth, the editors wager that no man can survive the horrors and the wonders of the deep without one! Get yours today, because supplies are limited and we expect them to sell out!


The Enchanted Snorkel does exactly what it says on the tin: it provides air to a single creature which requires it, no matter the depth or obstruction between them and the surface. It works in both salt and fresh water of any temperature, and can be used by two creatures to perform a slow ascent if an emergency occurs. Using the snorkel requires “soft concentration” – users must follow the rules for concentration except that they may cast spells which also require concentration. If a user loses their concentration while snorkeling, they lose their seal on the snorkel and inhale water. When this occurs, the user must succeed on a wisdom saving throw of DC 15 or become frightened of water until they manage to resnorkel. Resnorkeling requires an action and a DC 10 dexterity check and can be attempted by the panicked character or a character who is currently grappling them; while frightened in this way, a character must resist an ally’s grapple attempts. A three-day course in diving gives advantage on the wisdom saving throw*.

* See Saturday’s edition for expanded rules on diving. -LW

A Story From the Frontier

It has come to our attention, being investigators of sound mind and body, that the fabled city of Atlantis has been discovered by none other than the famous Dr. Angela Straiting, who we intend to feature throughout this week’s editions of the almanac and who we encourage adventurers to seek out at their leisure. The good doctor claims it to be a city of astounding technological and scientific progress, a claim we at the Dead Sea Almanac find most dubious indeed, given the level of our own technological advancement over the primitives to the east. Nevertheless, we remain fixed upon the latest topic, along with every other periodical.

In Other News

  • A rumor arises from the people of Anak that the Tomb of Seya may lie beneath the city, based on inscriptions found during the remodeling of a caffe shop.
  • The RSE Norvellen was recently sunk at sea, with the lone survivor claiming a beast of many terrifying limbs was responsible.
  • The peoples to the east have begun worshipping the return of their dragon gods, to be celebrated by a festival in six days’ time.

Malfavhar’s Monday Madness

Today Malfavhar visits the unusual living space of one Angela Straiting, deep-sea explorer extraordinaire! Able to conjure air out of thin water with her powerful spells, Dr. Straiting is famous for her work in marine biology, archaeology, and arcanopathology, as well as her latest discovery!

Angela’s Sunken Ship
1d12Item of Special Interest
1A large map detailing the locations of a dozen nearby shipwrecks and several points of interest
2A pair of waterlogged boots covered in barnacles and sitting in a puddle
3A compass with an image of a small boy taped to the inside lid
4A coat rack containing a tricorn hat and a coat designed to buckle at the waist
5A physician’s kit, well-organized and stored in a leather bag
6A chest containing items of special interest and value from many different shipwrecks
7The remains of toast sitting on a plate and and unwashed coffee cup staining a navigator’s map
8A perfectly-balanced longsword of blued steel that glows green when predators are near
9A diving helm that produces its own air by means of an enchantment
10A skintight leather suit with matching gloves, flippers, goggles, and enchanted snorkel
11A globe unlike any you have ever seen, featuring locations known only to myth and detailed maps of remote and undersea topography
12A naturalist’s journal filled with records of adventures, puzzles solved, and medical mysteries laid to rest

A Description For the Masses

Before you lies a sunken ship, but from within you swear you can see the light of oil lanterns. Drawing closer, you perceive something strange about the barrier which lies before you, and as you swim into the ship you realize you are suddenly in air. Dripping on the warm, dry wood of the floorboards, you take your first good look around. A large map is set against one wall, and a globe decorates the central table. To the back of the room you can see a doorway leading to the captain’s quarters, and next to it a coatrack with tricorn hat and matching waist-belted coat. A chest overflows with the riches of a thousand shipwrecks, and this morning’s breakfast lies unfinished on a navigator’s map which it is staining. A woman’s leather diving suit is hung to your immediate right, and you can see strange flipper-like shoes affixed loosely to the bottom of it. The space is cramped for a captain’s map room, but only because of everything that has been wedged into its corners.

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