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Dead Sea Almanac – Thursday, March 28, 2019

Featured Brew

We at the Dead Sea Almanac are pleased to offer on Thursdays this week’s featured beverage, starting with our world-famous Five-Dragon Mead! Made with the brewing talents of five of the nation’s famous magical brewers, and featuring a searing sensation worthy of any dragon, this spicy beverage burns like scotch on the way down and like fire on the way back up! (Just kidding – most people can keep it down.) Experience the original five-alarm fire with this hotter-than-hot mead, or take the sweet way out with our Five-Dragon Honeyed Mead, which has all the same fire but with the cooling sweetness of honey and a hint of cinnamon! Available in bottle, stein, and keg sizes. Get yours while supplies last!

Bottle4 Servings12 SP
Stein16 Servings38 SP
Keg48 Servings10 GP
Consuming Five-Dragon Mead

Five-Dragon Mead is a punch in the gut for those who aren’t expecting it. Any creature not accustomed to the sensation must make a DC 12 Constitution save when consuming the liquor; on a failure, they need the privy immediately, which may open certain paths of progress to the players.

A Story From the Frontier

This week’s story comes to us from far across the distant sea. It is said that of late sailors have become more and more wary of the water, which is said to harbor ancient and powerful beasts which can undo a mortal man, of nature both leviathan and human-like. There is tell that one such leviathan has stirred – a kraken now held responsible for the sinking of three ships and the deaths of fifty-three men. As a result, goods from the orient are now priced at as much as fifty per-cent mark up; such a situation is regrettable and reflected in our own prices, though we would of course be glad to any adventurer that could slay such a beast, as would the entire Tradesmen’s Guild, which posts a bounty of eight hundred crown for proof of the beast’s death and delivery to the Scientific Institute.

In Other News

  • A purveyor of magical elixirs is in town today and tomorrow only; find him in the city square.
  • A new restaurant has opened; Marco’s Exotic Meats, which serves carniverous dishes from around the world.
  • The reader writing in repeatedly about fish tacos is encouraged to please stop.

This Week’s Wanted Individuals

At the bequest and expense of the city council, this periodical has been asked to run regular descriptions of wanted persons along with the posted rewards for their capture.

1d10Wanted IndividualReward
1Slave 4220 GP
2Angus MacOwen45 GP
3Augustus Piltover65 GP
4Joseph Wilson30 GP
5Jon Roy25 GP
6Marcius Lioneye80 GP
7Rachel Vinaigre60 GP
8Togar Vanye40 GP
9Important NPC15 GP
10Player Character15 GP
Slave 42, Escapee

Wanted for escaping from lawful ownership in the northern salt mines. Thought to be fleeing towards her southern home.

Angus MacOwen, Highwayman

Wanted for crimes against the crown, including Armed Robbery upon the crown roads. Said to lurk on the highway near the crossroads to the north-east.

Augustus Piltover, Industrialist

Wanted for capitalist exploitation and disappearance with his investors’ funds.

Joseph Wilson, Farmhand

Wanted for the slaughter of two of his owner’s sheep, and thought to be lying low on the town.

Jon Roy, City Guardsmen

Wanted for dereliction of duty resulting in the death of a drunken individual as yet unidentified.

Marcius Lioneye, Lunatic

Wanted for theft of a large amber stone valued at 400GP. Presumed to be residing among the city’s gangs.

Rachel Vinaigre, Standoff

Wanted for failure to appear at her forced wedding; suspected to be hiding with family or friends.

Togar Vanye, Heathen

Wanted for desecration of the local shrine to peace.

Important NPC, Town Local

Wanted for tax evasion and disregard of an officer of the law.

Player Character, Adventurer

Wanted for drunken and disorderly conduct resulting in three injuries and damage to property.

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