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Graveyard Keeper is coming to the Switch soon!

So yes, it’s official, and you can stop asking them.

Announced for PAX East 2019, Graveyard Keeper, your morbid Stardew-esque obsession from tinyBuild and Lazy Bear Games, is coming onto the Nintendo Switch! Have you ever been out and about and get an itch to check on your graveyard? Well now you will be able to soon! No official date has been announced as of this writing though.

Look how happy you can be running your own graveyard, and talking to skulls.

If you’re thinking to yourself “Well, I don’t know what this game is about,” then you’re in luck! Check out our review here. It comes highly recommended by Silver, just as much as she likes Stardew Valley. So if you’re ever in the mood for a “morally questionable medieval cemetery management sim,” this is the game for you.

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