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Dead Sea Almanac – Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Featured Item

Gustav insisted that we feature his new stewing appliance today, and when we regarded the efficacy with which it makes a stew of even the most unappealing ingredients, we were hard pressed not to feature it earlier! Today’s Stewing Bag is a magical item which can take the poisonous, the inedible, the downright bitter and distasteful; and make a stew of it! You will be impressed to watch as any kind of plant or animal matter is converted into a most impressive stew of excellent seasoning and bountiful portions, all throug the magic of transmutative cooking! Get yours today, or at least before your next trip to the wilds!


The Pouch of Stewing is a wonderous item that will convert any amount of edible material (or poisonous but otherwise edible material) into roughly fifty percent more stew; an hour of foraging and a successful DC 10 survival check is adequate to find food for four creatures, which must then be placed into the stewing pouch and simmered for half an hour. The stew which emerges is always delicious and grants 1d4 temporary hit points to any creature which consumes it, which expire when the hit points are granted again or after twenty-four hours.

A Story From the Frontier

A lone rider from Sariland arrived in town today, dressed head-to-toe in the black garb of his people. He says he seeks a man in white, who has done great wrong upon his people while pretending to be helpful; the editors are unsure, in the latest conflict, whose side is the more worth hearing, but it is to be said that this latest visitor has conducted himself well, paying for simple lodging and having his horse well-treated by the farrier. The man offers a sum of fifty Sarilandic silver crown for those who would be willing to assist him in apprehending his quarry, as well as the favor of a Sarilandic prince.

In Other News

  • More than one strange wolf has been seen lurking around farms to the east and south of the city, prompting farmers to lock their herds in at night and hire additional farm hands to deter the would-be predators.
  • Syanne Edsford, daughter of our very own especial mayor, has announced her courtship by Joseph Sterrier, a worker of fine iron and woodcraft for the privileged of the city. The two appeared at the Mayor’s welcoming dinner for foreign dignitaries.
  • The daughter of the man staying with the mayor has disappeared inexplicably; her father posts a reward of ten piece silver for her safe return, saying it is all he has to his name. The editors extend their condolences, and offer a further five crown for her safe return, to be payable in company vouchers.

Wednesday Delights

We are pleased to introduce our new Wednesday column, by none other than the famous Chef Gustav. In it, Gustav travels to places around the world to bring you a taste of its delights, available for purchase from our certified retailers this week only, and while supplies last!

Delights of Sariland

The shifting sands of Sariland are home to a nomadic people, and I, Gustav, naturally traveled with them as I cooked and ate. It is impressive to me how a people with so little culinary refinement can produce so masterful of delicacies; what cooks and tastes divine on a simple campfire impresses this equipment-loving chef. Bon appetit!

1d6Sarilandic Delicacy
1Fried Gingu Worms
2Stewed Goat Rib
3Fire-Roasted Crickets
4Genku Grubs
6Stuffed Jackalope Pie
Fried Gingu Worms

A dish of small grubs, prepared with onions and dry spices in a skillet over an open fire; quite crunchy and with a dried, aromatic flavor of heat in the aftertaste.

Stewed Goat Rib

Prepared in a sauce made from red pepper and a sweet fruit called Kirani, the rib is cut the short way cross and served upon the bone, so tender that it almost falls off of its own accord. Both sweet and savory, with just enough sour to make the mouth crave the next bite.

Fire-Roasted Crickets

Prepared with no spice as a high-protein snack, these crickets crunch mightily and get stuck in the teeth, but are quite a variety of trail mix for the interepid adventurer such as myself!

Genku Grubs

A large grub, slit open and stuffed with sweet peppers and couscous, then roasted carefully in a pan until it is succulent and juicy, with the drippings being used to make candles.


Pronounced “kah-fey”, this wonderful beverage is a source of strength to the local people, who brew it in pots by the means of ground and roasted beans before the sun is up. A word to the wise: do not drink it before your rest!

Stuffed Jackalope Pie

Prepared by the stewing of Jackalope meat in Kirani laced with sugar, this confection is a sort of mincemeat pie, incredibly sweet to the taste but with just a hint of tart Kirani to leave a tang upon the tongue!

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