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Persona 5: The Royal Announced & More Information’s Coming On April 24th!

Yesterday, reported that “Atlus released a new teaser commercial for the previously teased ‘P5R‘” that ended up revealing the game’s true name, being, Persona 5: The Royal. According to, the game was announced at the end of the Persona 5 the Animation special episode broadcast titled, “Stars and Ours.”

For those who weren’t able to catch the teaser, the @p_kouhou Japanese Twitter account has it available for all audiences. You can watch the forty-five-second-long teaser trailer by clicking here.

Image courtesy of @p_kouhou.

The brief teaser features a metropolitan-like city with two large screens projecting the phantom thieves’s logo and iconic message “take your heart” underneath it. The big takeaway from the teaser, is the pony-tailed female, who believes “could possibly be a female version of the main protagonist.” was courteous enough to translate the female character’s dialogue from the teaser trailer. Here’s what translated.

“Goro Akechi: “What do you think of the Phantom Thieves?”

“New female character: “I think helping people is a wonderful thing, but if I had to say, I don’t like them. I don’t think the Phantom Thieves’ methods will make the world a better place or help anyone. In the end, I feel like you can only solve that yourself.”

If you wish to watch the trailer with an English translation attached to it, YouTube content creator It Me uploaded the original trailer with English subtitles. Click here to watch It Me’s version of the trailer.

Persona 5 News 3.PNG
Image courtesy of @p_kouhou.

According to, the game’s being labeled as an RPG based on statements made by “the Persona Channel (…), and that it will be released for the PlayStation 4.” It also appears that the official Persona 5: The Royal website “has been updated” too.

Based on the bottom half of the teaser trailer, it appears that more news “will be announced during the “Persona Super Live: P-Sound Street 2019: Welcome to No. Q Theater” concert on April 24, 2019,” according to

For Persona 5 fans, I’m sure this reveal was special. I’ve noticed that some are disappointed with the teaser trailer because they view it as an announcement of an announcement. Regardless of the side you fall on, it looks like we’ll be receiving some news on April 24th, 2019.

I’m curious if this announcement will influence Joker’s inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in anyway. Who knows really? We’ll be sure to keep you all updated when Atlus shares more news about the title and/or female character on April 24th, 2019.

What do you think about this news? Were you hoping for a longer, in-depth trailer or is the teaser we received yesterday good enough for you? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more Persona 5: The Royal news, and everything gaming too.

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