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YouTuber Announces A Movement To Revive The Bloody Roar IP!?

Today, YouTube content creator @Jerimiahisaiah held a YouTube video premiere event titled, “BLOODY ROAR: THE REVIVAL PLAN | jerimiahisaiah” where he and a friend discuss why the fighting game IP, Bloody Roar, should be reborn or given a comeback in the video game industry.

Though @Jerimiahisaiah streamed this event on his YouTube channel called, Jerimiahisaiah for his fans, his goals are for the series’s creators at Hudson Soft, and its right’s holder, Konami to watch his video. For those who couldn’t make it to the video’s premiere, the VOD version of the streamed video can be watched on his channel now. Click here to watch it.

Bloody Roar.PNG
Image courtesy of the Jerimiahisaiah YouTube channel.

The video contains a few meaningful, cinematic shots featuring the YouTube content creator, Jerimiahisaiah doing various activities to prove to his audience that he’s serious about his campaign-like project. His first segment features the title, Bloody Roar Extreme, as he discusses the series’s online scene, in-depth game-play, and his hopes for the series’s future.

Here’s the important bits Jerimiahisaiah stated during his “online” discussion segment. Furthermore, he stresses that the scene is “all for fun, and” that he’s doing all this to revive a niche series (referring to Bloody Roar) that “deserves more recognition.”

Online Discussion Segment:

Image courtesy of the Jerimiahisaiah YouTube channel.

The next segment features Jerimiahisaiah’s friend, scxcr sharing his own ideas about what the game’s old or future developer’s can do with the IP. Here’s a few points YouTube content creator, scxcr, discusses in Jerimiahisaiah’s video.

Scxcr’s Discussion Segment:

  • The new Bloody Roar game could “process what’s going on in the world” besides computers doing the work.
  • The Bloody Roar series established backstories and provided a sense of “world-building to boot[,]” but there are some gaps, left unchecked in the backstories. Re-working and filling in the gaps of the backstories to “create more conflict and (…) dynamic relationships among” the characters, is a suggestion scxcr discusses in the video.
  • He mentions that the “human versus zoanthrope tension” could be built up more since there’s a lack of exploring one’s own take on the situation. He compares common human society disagreements to support his points.
  • The “three different kinds of zoanthropes” he explains in the video–“pure-bloods, awakened, and abominations[,]” already speak to the difference among the breeds, meaning, interesting tension could arise via character interactions.
  • He also urges that current concepts and different character designs should be explored more, and that some old and new mechanics between each Bloody Roar entry should be implemented into newer titles, if created. He also cites a few of Bloody Roar’s original staff members and states that they can be contacted to help with the newer titles.
  • To prove his point, an image of @Jerimiahisaiah is shown in the video asking Bloody Roar illustrator, Naochika Morishita, on Twitter if he’d do the artwork for a new Bloody Roar title. Morishita responded to @Jerimiahisaiah’s tweet and said,  “when there is a chance of course, I’d like to work again.”
  • He adds, that there’s also a plenty of Bloody Roar fans who create art for the series who’d love to work on the artwork for new games.
  • He also wishes that  the old or new developers don’t go the route of “Capcom with any DLC,” and states, “skins, (…) [and] songs” are the most-notable DLC perks needed, if future Bloody Roar entries are successful.
Image courtesy of the Jerimiahisaiah YouTube channel.

The video concludes with Jerimiahisaiah thanking his fans and supporters who helped him out with the Bloody Roar revival project. The video also has a nice post-credits scene featuring Jerimiahisaiah trying to call Konami via his cell phone. Sadly, he doesn’t receive a response as the call goes straight to voice-mail.

As someone who knows the content creator personally, I can guarantee that he and his friend are being one-hundred-percent honest in this video. Though I’m unaware if he mentioned it, in his video description, Jerimiahisaiah has a hyperlink that leads to a petition titled, “a new Bloody Roar game” created by user Tajh Fletcher.

The petition’s title explains itself, and with a “742” petition signer ratio, the messages shared in Jerimiahisaiah’s video are more than just-genuine.

In any case, I want to wish the content creator and the Bloody Roar community the best of luck in getting into contact with Hudson Soft, Konami, or any other suitable developer about reviving this dormant fighting game series.

What do you think about this news? Do you want to help bring Bloody Roar back? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more gaming community news, and everything else video game related too.

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