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Walmart Might Be Getting Its Own Video Game Streaming Service, According To USGamer’s Sources!

A couple of days ago, reported on an article published by about their’s sources telling them that Walmart is chatting with developers and publishers about a potential video game streaming service. According to, their anonymous sources confirmed with them that Walmart “is exploring its own platform to enter in the now-competitive video game streaming race.”

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Image courtesy of confirms that their anonymous sources did not reveal any critical information about this streaming service other than letting the website know “that Walmart has been speaking with developers and publishers since earlier this year and throughout this year’s Game Developers Conference.”

Apparently, Walmart’s discussions with these developers and publishers have been going on for quite sometime.’s not sure how Walmart’s video game streaming service plan has been going in terms of “in-development” progress. Yet, they confirm their sources are standing-by this information and that Walmart is cooking up something behind the scenes. alerted their readers that they should’ve seen this coming since Amazon has been a real competitor to Walmart over the years. This means’s assumption about Walmart leaning “more [toward] tech-focused markets beyond its traditional physical retail chain” seems like a genius decision to make.

Image courtesy of claims that Walmart has been crafting a “large online presence” over time with regards to “offering deliveries, app integrations, (…) in-store pick up services.” The website also reports that creating a technology arm like Walmart Labs, and using the “Cruxlux (…) search engine” were also hints toward Walmart’s interest in the video game streaming service market.

The Area 71 data center “in Caverna, Missouri that holds over 469 trillion bytes of data[,]” argues, can be compared to Google’s Stadia service. They argue, “data centers are a centerpiece (…) [to] companies like [Google], Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple [who] also own powerful data facilities.” Since they all seem to be within the same streaming technology group, believes this holds the final nail in the coffin about the possibility of Walmart working on a video game streaming service.

Whether this turns out to be misinformation or the truth is still in the air as  notes that Walmart “‘shelved plans for a Netflix-style video streaming service after deeming the field “too risky,’ according to a CNBC report from January.” However, Walmart’s support behind “the digital video storefront Vudu[,]” adds, could support their anonymous sources’ claims about Walmart reconsidering their past views on streaming services.

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Regardless of the rumor’s outcome, we’ll let you know about the ‘Walmart entering the video game streaming service rumor’s fate’ when more information is publicly shared.

What do you think about this news? Do you think Walmart’s actually developing their own video game streaming service or not? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more video game industry news, and everything else video game related too.

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