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Review of That’s You! — The first hurrah in Sony’s PlayLink lineup

Few things in this gigantic world are as humorous as us trying to introduce our relatives to today’s technologies — Smartphones, Skype, DVR’s, social media, you name it. My grandparents, aunts, and uncles have all gotten the hang of at least most of the above; But sadly, I can’t quite get their attention with videogames. Now maybe if I teach them to play a videogame using a phone instead of normal gamepads, there’s a chance we could find some sort of sweet spot, if that makes any sense. And yes, such a preamble is needed because of what game I’m commencing to review.

That’s You is a humorous PS4 party game that’s part of Sony’s PlayLink brand, a lineup of games that are played on mobile devices via an app downloaded from the app store that players have access to; In fact, this is the very first game of the PlayLink roster, and one of my personal favorites. Before the game begins, every one of the two-to-six players must download said app on their mobile devices, type in their name, take a selfie, and choose a card to use as an avatar; The host must then choose the number of rounds (Each taking place in a themed location) and how personal the minigames within said rounds will be, and then the hilarity begins.

There are several different types of minigames, each revolving around answering questions, snapping and drawing on photos, mimicking or drawing on images given to you, and completing phrases; The players vote on which submitted response is the best, and those in the majority vote score points. If you have one, you can drop a joker and double your points, but it can’t be reimbursed just because you voted incorrectly. In the final round, everyone takes selfies of themselves in a required pose and modify each other’s pictures in a series of challenges; If the game is close, there’s always the chance you can use one last joker and score the overall victory.

If you wish to add your own content into the game, you’re in luck; You can write your own questions and create picture challenges, both of which are converted into a Question Game. This feature is a haven for those who are adept at adding even more humor to an already-super-funny game.

As a whole, this is a clever PlayLink game that has provided lots of laughs for myself and my close friends, and I have hope that those who read this article will buy it and get the same results; If games involving smartphone controls have your attention, That’s You is a hidden PS4 gem that will appeal to and put many smiles on even the most inexperienced players.

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