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Dead Sea Almanac – March 20, 2019

March 20, 2019

Featured Item

Today’s item is a weapon of most marvelous acumen; one learns to throw it in a moment, but must take a lifetime in its mastering. The “sphere of two bounces” in its native tounge, and hailing from the far eastern laboratory of Maxillius Konstantin, this “Electro-Globe” is a must-have for any rogue or wizard’s collection! It distracts enemy soldiers, knocks villains out from around corners, and makes for an ingenious lesson in impromptu mathematics! Get yours today!


The Electro-Globe is a magical throwing weapon which creates a sphere of lightning exactly two seconds after its second bounce; because it requires two bounces to function and a good sense of angle and timing to throw correctly, no character is proficient with it until they take a special interest in its workings and in how to throw it. When the player uses the sphere, they target an area of five-foot radius; such an area has an Armor Class of 15, and players who cannot see the intended target should roll their attack at disadvantage. On a hit, the intended area is briefly filled with a burst of static charge which deals 2d10 lightning damage; on a miss, the damage still occurs, but the dungeon master determines a reasonable alternate location for it to occur at, taking into account the geometry of the situation and narrative concerns as well as a degree of random chance.

A Story From the Frontier

A scientist’s apprentice stopped into our office today, who claimed to have a most impressive need for charcoal; it seems by his account that his master has devised a means of turning the once-burnt wood into a sort of heated air which then empowers devices great and wonderous by all degrees. Needless to say, we were happy to supply him with the full amount – some two hundred pound – but entreated he return with an example of his master’s work, that we might offer it as part of our catalog post-haste. The editors are quite certain and wish to assure the reader that if this new magic of “steam” pans out, we will be the first to offer it, despite the reluctance of said apprentice over something he called “coal devils.”

In Other News

* The daughter of Augustus Simmington, a notable jewel-crafter, today failed to appear at her own wedding. Cold feet, or a cold heart?
* A series of murders have left the local police baffled as to why all of the victims have been young blonde women of low upbringing; police offer 5GP for any tip leading to an arrest. Don’t forget to check your locks!
* The mayor today appeared quite ill at his ribbon-cutting ceremony, sweating profusely, and we are greatly concerned for his health. Rest well, Mayor Edsford.

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