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Gaming the Google Way

Two big problems in gaming are cost and download speeds. Games are expensive and, if gaming on a budget, it’s hard to stay up to date with all of the games your friends may be getting. And if you do have the money for the said game(s), downloading the game and installing it could take hours. That alone delays play time with your friends or that sweet enjoyment of sitting down to a new experience.

Google Plans

Google plans to change all of that. Or, at least, be one of the many voices who are eager to change all of that. On Tuesday, March 19th, at the 2019 Game Developers Conference, the tech empire is set to unveil its streaming game service. That, eventually, could lead to their own marketable gaming system. Their goal is to create “the Netflix for video games”, however, with so many facets of the gaming empire, it’s hard to imagine this coming easily. But maybe it will all be okay. Maybe Google will be that rich, kind uncle (With a wardrobe leading to Narnia? Stay with me here) that will help all of the kids on the marketing playground play well and convince the neighborhood bully, Sony, to share his toys. Only time will tell.

Future Possibilities

As a gamer with limited money and resources, I’ve been more than interested in the future of game streaming. But streaming also relies heavily on several factors. One is the power of your at-home computer system but the most important being internet speeds. However, if Google follows through and presents a console, of sorts, that could bridge that gap for people with bricks for machines and grandma’s internet provider, I think millions of eyes would turn their way.

So will “The Cloud” bring us a new era of gaming? I’ll definitely be tuning in to find out.

Written by Stephanie Skiles

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