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Dead Sea Almanac – March 18, 2019

Featured Item

Today’s item is a most wonderous contraption: the authentic Dead Sea Tupperware that gave us our name. Still good after hundreds of years, this magical item is crafted with a special magic that will contain literally anything, from a fireball to a ravenous chupacabra; merely take the top off and place an item of great danger inside, and the tupperware will contain the resulting calamity*.

* Providing it causes less than one hundred hit points of damage, as all disasters of calamitous proportions are wont to do, except those which there is naturally no surviving.


The tupperware is a wonderous item that weighs one pound and has 20d10 (100) hit points, a number known only to the dungeon master. It has an internal size of three feet by three feet and will contain any damage which does not exceed its hit points. All damage so contained is directed upwards in a fifteen-foot cone when the tupperware is opened, or in a sphere of ten-foot radius when the tupperware is breached. The tupperware is good for one thousand years from date of manufacture, but has a 1% chance to stop working any time it is opened.

A Story From the Frontier

An adventurer stopped by the other day, who claimed to have seen an actual beholder. He claimed nothing less than to have been witness to the beast as it devoured a small deer in a forest by the seaside town of Watersham, though what could bring a beholder to such strange behavior is beyond the persons at this post entirely. What is certain is that if the sighting is indeed true, the persons of the town would be certainly advised to abdicate; however, the authors find no reason to substantiate the claim. Just another crazy stumbling through town.

In Other News

  • The queen of our neighboring realm has been seen with a man much younger, leading some to speculate an affair or romance is in play; with her husband dead these many years it seems only fitting she should now find love again.
  • The Duke of Huntington has said his dogs were mauled by bears; he posts a reward of 10 crown pieces and the flesh of the animal for anyone who can do him justice for this offense, it being beneath the station of a duke to do so.
  • A strange woman is rumored to have been seen in the streams near the headwater of the Pyandes. The villagers of Lotsmuth taking great affright that her appearance is a sign that The Black Rider may soon return; their local legend on the subject is surely worth a spot in our next issue!

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