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Limited Run Games Confirms They’ll Be Holding An E3 2019 Press Conference!

Last week many companies announced their E3 2019 plans. We received confirmation that EA won’t be holding an E3 2019 conference while Devolver Digital announced they’ll be having one. However, another company also chipped in to inform their audience that they’ll be holding an E3 2019 press conference, and that’s Limited Run Games.

The Limited Run Games Twitter account informed fans on March 8th that they’ll have a press conference at E3 this year. They also stated, “it’s sure to be the only place you’ll see the Vita during E3.” This statement hints that games, old or new, will be coming to the PlayStation Vita handheld system.

The Limited Run Games Twitter account also responded to their tweet with a gif–featuring a man striking a pose with the PlayStation Vita system in-hand. Click here to check out that funny gif.

Image courtesy of the Limited Run Games Twitter account.

According to Nintendoeverything.comLimited Run Games’s E3 2018 press conference showcased many titles–most of them being announced for the Nintendo Switch. also states that Limited Run Games’s E3 2018 conference largely emphasized “games getting physical releases,” yet had new game announcements like “Dust: An Elysian Tail”–a new title that was announced for the Nintendo Switch.

As for what we can expect from Limited Run Games’s E3 2019 press conference, I’m not entirely sure. However, based on the statements given by Nintendoeverything.comI assume we’ll see current titles be ported over to the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch systems.

There’s also a chance we’ll see new game announcements for both systems. There’s even a slim chance we’ll see them announce exclusive titles for the systems mentioned above or others from the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One family of systems.

Thumbnail from a previous article.

As for the earlier comparison, I reported that EA stated in a press release that they’ll be skipping E3 this year because they want to hold a separate event that’ll clean-up the issues fans had during their press conference last year. I also discuss Devolver Digital’s statement about holding a press conference too. Click here to be directed to that article, if you were unaware of this news.

As mentioned in my Devolver Digital and EA article, I’ll be sure to update you all on more E3 related content when more information is shared online.

What do you think about this news? What are your predictions for Limited Run Games’s E3 2019 press conference? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more E3 news, and everything gaming too.

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