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Another 2D Legend of Zelda Game May Release This Year, According To A Well-Known Leaker!

Yesterday, reported that the well-known Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leaker, Vergeben, conversed with a GameFAQS user on about another 2D Legend of Zelda title coming to the Nintendo Switch this year.

It appears that Vergeben responded to a post made by GameFAQS user ZenythVidya who sent an between him/her and Vergeben. According to Vergeben, he didn’t know ZenythVidya posted the message on GameFAQS, but in his response Vergeben confirmed it’s legitimacy. To view the leaked message, click here.

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From what saw in that leaked direct-message image, they state that Vergeben has heard from several people that this other 2D Legend of Zelda title “is a ‘smaller’ Nintendo eShop release compared to Link’s Awakening.”

According to Vergeben’s third source, Link’s Awakening’s “a full project” while this unannounced 2D Legend of Zelda title’s a minuscule project that will “release before Link’s Awakening” for the Nintendo Switch. This same source also states that this other Legend of Zelda title will be announced “in a few months,” meaning we might see it revealed before, during, or sometime after E3 2019.

Nothing else was shared between the two regarding this game’s name, graphical appearance, or game-play, but I assume it’ll play similarly to other 2D Legend of Zelda titles.

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However, we must take this rumor with a grain of salt. Although several of Vergeben’s rumors for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have come true like Isabelle and Ken making it into game, he’s gotten some things incorrect in the past. According to,  “he incorrectly claimed that (…) [the rumored Star Fox: Grand Prix game] would finally be revealed to the world in last month’s Nintendo Direct.”

And if you’ve seen the February 2019 Nintendo Direct, you should know the only Star Fox content we received was add-on content for the Nintendo Switch version of Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Essentially, it’s important to not take Vergeben’s word as fact until we receive news about this second 2D Legend of Zelda game from Nintendo themselves.

We’ll be sure to update you all when or if Nintendo releases news about this other 2D Legened of Zelda title.

What do you think about this news? Do you believe Nintendo would release another 2D Legend of Zelda title before Link’s Awakening for the Nintendo Switch? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more rumors and leaks, and everything else gaming-related too.

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