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KILL la KILL – IF Will Release In Europe Later This Year For The PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!

Today, PQube Games, a UK based game publisher, announced on their Twitter account that they “will be partnering with Arc System Works to release KILL la KILL – IF in Europe on PS4 and Switch!” According to the PQube Games Twitter account, the game will include a new story-line written by its original writer and it’ll receive a physical and digital release–later this year.

The PQube Games Twitter account’s tweet also came with a gif that features two of KILL la KILL’s iconic main characters clashing. To see the gif for yourself, click here.

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According to, the game’s being developed by Arc System Works. They’re being observed by the studio responsible for the KILL la KILL Anime, Studio Trigger. reports that Arc System Works’s goal is “to recreate the feel of the original series.”

According to a press release announcement cites in their report, Arc System Works wants to revive the Anime’s iconic moments by incorporating “stunning visuals and cinematics[,]” and a new story that centers around “a brand new ‘IF’ scenario.”

As for KILL la KILL – IF’s game-play, states that the characters will battle it out in 3D arenas by using hardcore combos and other tactics during the battle. refers to a quote from the press release that states, “the game combines the perfect balance of simplicity in control with complexity in depth to provide players with a uniquely satisfying fighting experience.”

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Nevertheless, there’s still no specific release date set for this title but the comments quoted above suggest that the title will release later this year in Japan and Europe. Though the article doesn’t discuss about the American release for this title, a user named ShikabaneHime13 discussed its absence with fellow users.

According to ShikabaneHime13, the game was announced for Japan and the U.S. a long-time ago and that Arc System Works’s handling the game’s publication in Japan and in the U.S. He also states that PQube Games’s handling the title’s European publication.

However, based on the news shared today, we can assume a Japanese, European, and U.S. release date hasn’t been chosen. Meaning, we’ll have to wait for an announcement to drop in a few months. We’ll be sure to update you all when KILL la KILL – IF’s release date is publicly revealed.

What do you think about this news? Will you be picking up KILL la KILL – IF when it releases later this year? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more KILL la KILL – IF news, and everything gaming too.

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