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Anthem Updates as Bioware Listens

While our readers await our full review of Anthem, the developers at Bioware have been listening to fan feedback and are moving quickly to update the game and fix issues that have arisen in this live service game.

It has not been a full week yet since Anthem was officially launched into the world, and in that time the developers at Bioware have been listening to fans on Twitter and Reddit and have been making changes to better the experience of the Anthem Freelancer.

An update released this morning increased the tethering time for missions. Previously, if you fell too far behind the group of people you were playing with, an automated timer would appear and force you to reload into a new area. Now, there will be more time given for you to catch up to your squad.

Ben Irving, the lead producer for Anthem, announced on Reddit last night that another update would be coming within the day that would also deal with Inscriptions on weapons and alter the frequency of loot drops.  The inscription issue offered bonuses on weapons that were not equipped and many players have found frustration at getting better loot at the endgame.

The patch notes for this mornings update can be found here. And the notes for the upcoming update can be found here.

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