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Mysterious trailer by Bethesda

On the US Amazon website, Bethesda looks like they are releasing a new game for the Xbox, Ps4, and PC with a release date for the 31st of December this year. There is a trailer with a count down that appears to have a design similar to the Fallout series.
The set up for a new game on Amazon with a Fallout looking trailer could point to a few things. Those are more content for Fallout, a remaster or a whole new game that we have no idea about yet. The trailer looks similar to previous promotional trailers we have seen for Fallout.
It is unlikely a new addition to the series as Fallout 76 had been released only 4 months earlier. The most likely prediction for what this could mean is either a DLC or a new game launch trailer.

You can watch this trailer here and share with us your thoughts about it:

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