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Halo Infinite – an RPG?

Halo has always been a pretty straight forward, linear game where you shoot up a few intergalactic creatures and advance to the next challenging wave of creatures to combat. To add new flavor to the game, the developers have announced changes for the next anticipated game Halo Infinite.

Changes to the game engine will allow players to make gameplay decisions that will change how sequences will unfold. The idea of having a branching storyline is not new and you can see it in other games, such as Heavy Rain and Final Fantasy XV.

These RPG elements that concentrate on player-influenced storytelling would be a pleasant fresh breath of air for a franchise that already seems to be going stale.

The developers have been quiet about what will be in store for the next game during the E3 expo due out later this year. However, we do know that it will be a change of how gamers will interact with the game. This could entice gamers that have not played the franchise to enter the world of Halo.

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