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New Reports Claim That Microsoft Will Reveal New Xbox Hardware Platforms At E3 This Year!

This week there have been many reports claiming that Microsoft’s going to show off  “two new Xbox hardware platforms during E3 2019, and that Halo Infinite will launch alongside them,” according to

Based on’s translation for “French site Jeux Video’s” report, this new Xbox hardware will be apart of the Project Scarlet family and will be revealed at E3 2019. They also state that it will receive a late-2020 release window.’s quotes more information from Jeux Video’s” report and shares the following statement.

“The site claims the rumors that Scarlet consists of two platforms, a weaker Lockhart console and a more powerful Anaconda console, are also true. These will allegedly be announced alongside the rumored partnership between Nintendo and Microsoft.”

Image courtesy of reports that rumors are pointing toward Halo Infinite being a launch title for these new consoles with the intent on releasing it for the current Xbox One system later. These rumors also hint at Microsoft-acquired-studio, Ninja Theory, releasing a game early next year for the current Xbox One system and not these newly-enhanced consoles–according to

To provide some credibility to these claims, shares’s report “claiming the Scarlet consoles would be unveiled at E3 2019, and claims they will launch in fall 2020 alongside Halo Infinite,” and that the title heavily focuses on “more RPG elements than” the previous Halo games.

Thus, also believes the alleged consoles’ price-point won’t be revealed at E3 this year, and that Microsoft’s currently planning a road-map on what they will discuss at the event this year.

With any rumor, please take these words as mere imaginative ideas as Microsoft hasn’t confirmed them to be fact or fake. However, does throw in an interesting January statement from “Xbox head Phil Spencer (…), saying Microsoft will “be as big at E3 as we’ve ever been.” With that in mind, just make sure to proceed with caution and keep your expectations in check.

What do you think about this news? If these rumors are true, what’s your overall take on Microsoft’s pursuit toward gaming’s next generation? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more Microsoft news, and everything gaming too.

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