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Kingdom Hearts 3’s The “Most-Downloaded” PS4 Game On The PlayStation Store In January!

Today, the PlayStation Twitter account announced that Kingdom Hearts 3 was the “most downloaded” PS4 game on the PlayStation store in January. The PlayStation Twitter account tagged Square Enix’s Twitter account in the post to congratulate them.

The tweet also contained an image of Sora, Goofy, and Donald alongside the male Tangled protagonist Flynn Rider. You can check out the wonderful image by clicking here.

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The PlayStation Twitter account also linked to a blog on their website written by Jason Massongill that goes in-depth about what Kingdom Hearts 3 was up against in January–regarding other highly acclaimed games. Massongill writes the following.

“According to our PlayStation Store charts for the most-downloaded games of January, the battle for the top spot came down to the hugely anticipated releases of Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts III. It was close, but the Magical Kingdom overtook Raccoon City, with Kingdom Hearts III seizing the crown.”

Though Massongill posted images detailing the top ten PS4 games that were downloaded, he also shares the top ten PS VR, Free-To-Play, and PS Vita games alongside charts indicating the top PS4 themes and PS Classics consumers purchased or downloaded. Even though Kingdom Hearts 3 served as the blog’s focus, the other titles in the PS4 Games list and the other five sections, are also receiving praise in some regard.

Yet, Kingdom Hearts 3’s achievement must be warming the hearts of those who waited years to re-visit the Magical Kingdom with Sora and crew again. Especially after the news the Kingdom Hearts Twitter account tweeted about last Monday–regarding how they shipped “over FIVE million copies of III (…) worldwide.” We, at SilverSoulGaming, want to congratulate the Kingdom Hearts 3 team on a job well-done and hope they’ll claim more victories in the coming future.

Be sure to keep updated with our website because we’ll be sure to fill you in on any news about this game and other PS4 titles.

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