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What a Wonderful Time- Review of My Time at Portia

Hey look, another casual RPG. “It’s just influenced by Stardew Valley” you might say. Not so fast, my friend. True, it is a casual RPG like Stardew Valley, but this one doesn’t revolve around farming, although that is a component you can use. No, this one revolves around the wonderful world of engineering and machinery. Developed by Pathea Games, and published by Team17, My Time at Portia is a game built around you, your workshop, and the lovely world to explore and improve.


You have just inherited your father’s workshop- a small, modest building. After naming it and doing some basic repairs, you begin to take commissions. Commissions are how you make your living in the game, besides selling items of course. They allow you to take on jobs to make small items for individuals, or larger items for the town as a whole like street lamps, bridges, and even transport vehicles. Once you have your first commission, and your first workbench and station, you can make items.

One of my in-progress builds- a bridge tower

But wait, where do the materials for the items come from? You harvest them yourself of course! Or you can buy some of them, but that takes all the fun out of it. At your workbench, you can build harvesting tools like the pickaxe, axe, and sword. These allow you to harvest certain materials:

  • Axe: wood, plants, and slow attacks
  • Sword: fast attacks to defend yourself, and harvest animal products
  • Pickaxe: mining rocks and in the ruins
  • Fishing rod: fishing, all of the fishing

Besides the basic components of wood, stone, plant fiber, and stuff of that nature, you can find rare materials for the more obscure or expensive items as well. At your workshop, you can also use raw materials to make materials like carbon steel bars and hardening clay, which allow you to make more complex builds.

The forges burn hot, even in the winter.

This is an RPG, so there is a skill tree involved. You can choose between 3 branches, each one focusing on either combat, resources, or social attributes. You get a point with each level, and how you play is totally up to you, even being able to mix trees (it gives a more balanced playstyle, in my opinion).

The Town of Portia

Now, I should explain a little bit about the town itself, and some of its inhabitants.

The main building you will be using is the Portia Commerce Guild building. This is where you will take new commissions and sometimes turn in the ones that you complete. Check back here often for bigger commissions, and you can only take one at a time (except main story commissions), so choose wisely. Here you will find Presley, who runs the guild, and Antoine, who is the receptionist, and the one who takes the completed commissions. Sometimes Mayor Gale is also here, if he’s not walking around town or in his office.

Next is the A&G Construction Company. This is right next to the Guild, and here you will upgrade your workshop, and you can buy furniture and decorations for your workshop/house. Here you will find Gust, the designer, Albert, the builder, and sometimes Ginger, the adorable, shy girl.

It’s the center of commerce and government of Portia

You can make technological improvements at the Research Center, just off the main square (circle). This is where you go to get upgraded stations using the data disks that you mine in the mines, not by cryptocurrency. You can also complete relics here by fusing the pieces you find while mining. Here you find Petra, the lead researcher, and her assistant.

After this, you have the various shops around the town from a cafe, to furniture, to a florist, and a clothier. Speaking of clothes, there is some pretty fashionable, and functional, clothing you can get. Your clothes provide stat boosts to your character in the form of health and stamina, and the furniture in your house does the same.

Outside of the town, there are ruins to explore, dungeons to conquer, and new regions to get to. All of these are opportunities for new creations and just a fantastic reason to travel around and gather new materials, see new things. I’m not going to say any more than that, you just need to see it for yourself.

It’s a pirate rat, and I’m going to fight it.

Verdict: 9/10

I only have about 40 hours into this game myself, and haven’t completed the main story, but so what? The game is so relaxing and fun that I don’t have to finish the story in order to know that this is a fantastic game. Every game has room to improve, but it is great in its current state. They’re still putting out updates like the recent Winter Festival, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Also note, the seasons change, and I just happened to take most of these screenshots in the winter. The game is very nice in the other seasons as well.

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