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According To Leaks, Animal Crossing For Nintendo Switch’s Slated For An Early 2019 Release?

It seems fans may not have to wait much longer to get their hands on Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch. According to Gamebyte.coma UK retailer revealed that the game may release on April 29th, 2019.

Furthermore, spoke with one of the store’s representatives who confirmed that they’re “taking pre-orders for the game, which is set to release on 29th April.” Apparently, word about the title’s release date came from various Twitter users who were told by “store employees” that the game will release that day.

Image courtesy of cited two Twitter users who tweeted about their discussions with some store employees who discussed information about Animal Crossing Switch with them. Here’s the tweet made by Twitter user @lovehearts as follows:

“LADS I went into GameStop to have a look at the Switch games and I ended up placing a deposit on a pre-order for the new animal crossing game (…) it’s going to cost €70 and it has a date of release on 29th April!!! But the guy said that’s an estimate and it could be here earlier or possibly a bit delayed!! HOW EXCITING”

When reading the second-half of @lovehearts’s tweet, she states the release date of April 29th, 2019, is only an estimate and that “it could be here earlier or possibly a bit delayed!!” If we’re to take this GameStop employee’s word as truth, than there’s three possible outcomes for Animal Crossing Switch.

One, the game will release earlier than April 29th, 2019–meaning we’ll be playing this game before the summer season hits. Two, it’ll arrive before May and June, meaning we’ll be cleaning our Easter baskets out to make room for our new animal friends. Three, Animal Crossing fans will get “The Legend of Delays: Breath of the Prime” treatment.

Image courtesy of

Yet, also cited tweets made by Twitter user @quakescopeszz that specifically points toward April 29th being the true release for Animal Crossing along with other surprising claims. Here’s what Twitter user @quakescopeszz wrote:

“All animal crossing fans, after talking with a manager at Game, I can confirm that the estimated release for animal crossing switch is the 29th of April. And yes there will be a a special switch edition later in the year. trailer estimate February. Get hyped”

Also, when Twitter user @CherryBerryAC asked @quakescopeszz about the informer’s reliability, @quakescopeszz wrote,

“This is what I was informed from the manager of a Game store, as they get info of games in advance of public announcements and releases. Whether they are supposed to release the information like this I’m not so sure they are. So, it’s worth taking this info with that in mind.”

Whether the information shared to both @lovehearts and @quakescopeszz is fake or real, one thing’s for sure, the excitement for Animal Crossing Switch’s reveal seems to be steadily rising. We’ll be sure to keep you posted when Nintendo releases more information on Animal Crossing Switch in the coming future.

What do you think about this rumor/leak? Will Animal Crossing Switch come out before April 29th, on that day, or will the title be delayed into the later half of this year or to 2020? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more video game leaks and rumors, and everything gaming too.

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