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First thoughts on Slightly Mad Studios’ MadBox — The Project CARS team’s secret weapon

If you love motorsport sims like I do, there’s a chance you’ll know the name Slightly Mad Studios; After developing titles in the Need for Speed and Test Drive franchises, the British studio started their own crowdfunded IP called Project CARS, which now has two iterations that have been lauded for their realism, graphics, and car-and-track roster. But the developers are not resting on their laurels, as they have revealed plans to launch their first game console — The MadBox.

Slightly Mad Studios’ CEO Ian Bell spoke to several gaming websites to give us the first details; With the help of a group of investors instead of crowdfunding, the MadBox is aiming to be the most powerful console in the market and reach 180 FPS in VR mode. We don’t know how this will affect the graphics and resolution, what computer parts will be used, or how much the console will sell for, but we will definitely find out before its release date of “3.5 years from now.”

As a bonus, anyone who purchases the MadBox will get a license to develop games using the Madness Engine, which makes this both a console and development kit; Developers can also port their work to PC and rival consoles “at the touch of a button.” Speaking of rival consoles, SMS have stated there will be no exclusive games on their system, which makes sense since their main (Or only) focus is on racing games.

Although outsiders might deem Slightly Mad’s statements unrealistic or hyperbolic, I’m extremely curious to see the ultimate fate of the MadBox; It doesn’t need to replace the current consoles, but should still be given a chance to fit in.

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