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Obsidian Entertainment Teases Special Announcement

Obsidian Entertainment have updated their website,, to convey a message to everyone. Upon entering the site, two out of four messages will pop up, the other two will appear when refreshing the page.

Obsidian took to twitter and subtly informed everyone of what was happening by saying:

The first of the two messages each time is an image styled like an information bulletin found in the wild west era. They are very simple and both are sporting a small logo in the dead centre. Both are preaching about a “Special Message” that would easily draw attention to itself.

The other two messages are akin to advertisement from the same time, the kind that had men claiming to be miracle workers and palming off fake medicine to the public. They are both accompanied by a short jingle that is reminiscent of advertisement from the 50’s and am lot more livelier and full of vigor than their wild west counterparts.

All images have a very relaxed vibe to them and, if it wasn’t for the last one, point in the general direction of a western, but there is something about Spacer’s Choice that screams Dystopia. Obsidian may be heading down a path they have been down before but spinning an interesting twist on what they are comfortable with.

Genre could be anything but logic suggests that they are going to stick with the devil they know and plump for RPG. Most of their titles have the classic top-down view such as Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny, whilst others had the third-person camera. As Fallout: New Vegas is the only First-Person title they have made, it is doubtful that this new IP will follow in it’s dusty footsteps, but hope is a very powerful thing.

The two images that are dressed as the information leaflets have a countdown at the bottom that is ticking away to the Game Awards on December 6th, where eager eyes will be waiting to peruse the news. Will Obsidian entertainment steal the show and have everybody talking about their new IP, only time will tell. Hopefully some good news is to follow.

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