Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online Coming This Week

Red Dead Online, the online component to Red Dead Redemption 2 will be starting its Beta this week. If you purchased the Ultimate Edition, you will be able to logon as early as tomorrow (Nov. 27). (ETA if you played on launch day, you will be able to join the fun on Wednesday the 28th) If you played the game during its first three days of release (Oct. 26-29) you will be able to start Thursday the 29th. Everyone else will be able to join the shenanigans on Friday the 30th.

Rockstar has not released a lot of details on what you will be able to do, but have mentioned most of the activities that can be found in the main game will also be found online. Fishing, hunting, mini-games, and of course there will be many… many… MANY ways to kill someone. Keep your eyes on our site as we will go into more detail as they become available.

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