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Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers coming Summer 2019

Square Enix revealed the newest expansion for Final Fantasy XIV at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas. It will be called Shadowbringers and will be released in the summer of 2019.

In this expansion, players will see how the Warrior of Light becomes the Warrior of Darkness in order to combat a new threat. Not only that, but they will be able to take on the Garlean Empire.

Moreover, this expansion will feature multiple new jobs. While Naoki Yoshida hadn’t said anything solid, he implied that one of them is a Gunblade job. After all, Thancred carried something very similar to a Gunblade.

While nothing was implicitly stated about 5.0, Blue Mage job was confirmed for 4.5. Yosuke Matsuda, CEO of Square Enix himself, came out in a Blue Mage outfit to announce that.

Some of what Shadowbringer will bring was shown in the reveal stream. There would be new raids and instances, beast tribes, raising of a level cap (new max is 80), and new job actions. Regarding the latter, not only this expansion will add new job actions, but it will reorganize existing ones!

In addition to that, some new features will be announced as well. Among those is a new “Trust” system, that looks similar to one from FFXI, end-game activities for crafters and gatherers, allowing to restore Ishgard, and, possibly, Ishgard housing.

And, or so it seems, there will be a new playable race. Though nothing has been announced, it was overtly hinted during the stream. As Yoshida was wearing the Bugs Bunny T-shirt, they kept zoning in on it, providing clues for theorizing fans.

You can see the teaser trailer below. Stay tuned for more gaming news!

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