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Charm, Battles, and Exploration- Battle Chasers: Nightwar Review in Progress

This is a review in progress for Battle Chasers: Nightwar on the Xbox One.

I know I’m late to the game, but I just got this game after a long wait. So far, this game is great and everything I’ve been looking for in a turn-based RPG. Fun combat, exploration, great characters (there’s a wizard who can summon Eldritch), and a badass girl with gauntlets. What else can you want in a game?


This game revolves around a group of 6 people, Gully- the girl with the gauntlets, Calibretto- the war golem, Garrison- the warrior, Knolan- the wizard, Red Monika- the rogue, and one other person I have not met as of yet. The game starts out with you getting blasted out of the sky in an airship, with Gully, Calibretto, and Garrison being teleported down to the ground by Knolan, Monika just jumps off, and Knolan remains on the ship to fight off the remaining airships.

Gully, Calibretto, and Garrison land on an unknown island, while Knolan and Monika are nowhere to be found. Exploring the island, you discover that it is under peril by an unknown entity, and you have to decide whether to intervene or stay out of it. After this initial landing, the exploration begins.


The exploration is where the fun starts. You can follow these paths around the regions, and enemies are visible along the path. If you run into one, battle engages- unless you’re high enough level, then it becomes optional.

Feel free to explore, you never know what you’ll find, or fight.

The battle style is turn-based JRPG style, with each character having their own set of abilities- healing, damage, status effects, et cetera. Gully is a tank, Calibretto is support, and Garrison is damage, for example.

Welp we’re in for a fight now

Each character has a special exploration ability, and they can change how you enter combat and give effects during combat. For example, Gully’s ability is to punch the ground, stunning any enemies who engage in combat for one turn.

Also included in the exploration are random dungeons dotted throughout the landscape. They are broken into different difficulties, which give better loot the higher up you go. You can save and quit the dungeon at any time and it will be the way you left it when you come back. This is useful when you’re low on potions or need to rest to regain your abilities. The highest difficulty resets the dungeon if you die, so be careful.


I know, I know, you’re probably saying “Well what makes this game different from other games in the genre?” The characters have charm, wit, and, well, character. As you play the game, they develop and change based on the events around them. Garrison basically has to play a father figure to Gully, and Calibretto is just doing his best to help. Knolan is, well, Knolan, and I love him. I have not met Monika yet, but judging that she’s the rogue, I’d say she’s going to start out all gruff and tough, but we’ll see.

Another thing that sets this game apart is the art style- it is fantastic. It’s done in a comic book style, and it flows very well. The sound design is done well too, I really want the soundtrack, and the battle effects are neat.

I’m loving the art and animation of this game

Final Thoughts

I’m about 9.5 hours into the game right now, and I just made it into the second main area. The game has a lot of potential to go forward, and I’m excited to see what happens next. I will be playing this my channel, as well as on the SSG Twitch channel, so keep an eye out and give us a follow!


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