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Iris Fall- Preview

This article is a preview to the game Iris Fall by Next Studios.

Iris Fall, a game of light and dark. It uses light and shadow as a way to traverse levels in an interesting way.

You are a girl who follows a cat, yellow eyes piercing the dank, gray alleyway. The cat eventually leads you to a very peculiar building, something that looks like it came out of a black and white Alice in Wonderland. You enter, and you discover a way to use shadow to make it through the room via a conduit. Making your way through, you discover more ways to use objects and light to make shadow paths.

Use the shadows
Who knew I could use chairs as a ramp?
What time is it? Time to journey into the dark.

To me, this game holds promise. It reminds me of Super Mario Odyssey in a way where it uses both two dimensional and three dimensional components in the same area, and it flows nicely. I’m interested to see what it has in store story-wise as well.

You can view the GDC trailer here. The game has a Steam page as well, and is set to release sometime next month in November.


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