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Wheel chair bound Sims inbound?

The fine folks over at Maxis, makers of the wildly popular The Sims franchise, are at it again, by at it I am of course speaking of bringing innovation to the game that will further progress a players personal engagement. Rumor has it that Maxis is considering adding disabilities to your Sims, starting with wheel chair bound Sims. A few Twitter users struck up a conversation with Senior Producer Grant Rodiek, to which is feed back on the subject was extremely positive.

To us here at Silver Soul Gaming, this subject is very close to home due to the disability faced by our founder, Tieranie “Silver” Albright. Tieranie is in a wheelchair due to an accident caused by a drunk driver. I had the chance to as Tieranie her feelings towards Sims with disabilities and she had this to say “If done properly, I’m excited. I always say I want wheelchairs and canes.”

Hopefully we will be seeing Sims with disabilities in future installments or possibly even an update.

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