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THQ Nordic acquires Kingdoms of Amalur IP

Well then, this is a surprise. According to a tweet from THQ Nordic, they have acquired the IP and other assets from 38 Studios for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

This has me excited because I loved KoA. It was the first and only game from 38 Studios, and in my opinion it’s a very underrated game. Written in part by R.A. Salvatore, author of the Legend of Drizzt saga in the Forgotten Realms, it is a fantasy RPG with swappable classes for your character, fun combat, and a great storyline with interesting characters.

Is a second installment in the KoA series in the works? It’s very possible, and I hope it’s true. If you love fantasy RPGs, I recommend this game. I may even play this on our Twitch channel, so come on by and watch and hang out with me.

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