Devolver Digital Metroidvania PAX West 2018 PC Switch

Gato Roboto coming to PC and Switch in 2019

Revealed at PAX West 2018 by Devolver Digital, Gato Roboto combines two of the world’s greatest things- cats and robots. Who doesn’t love cats and robots? Maybe people allergic to cats and people who are afraid that AI will eventually take over the world. Looking at you Skynet.

This game plays like a Metroidvania, and is even described by Devolver as a “CatMechtroidvania”. I’m personally terrible at these kind of games, but I would love to play it, if for nothing else than the fact that I can control a cat in a robot suit who fights a mouse in a robot suit as a boss. Yes, you read that right. Check out the trailer here, it’s in there. I sense another game for speedrunning in the future, maybe, if I ever get good at it.

A cat in a mech suit, dreams do come true

I now have the song Mr. Roboto by STYX stuck in my head. Domo arigato, Gato Roboto.

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