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Brutal Doom is almost finished – or so it seems

Newest Brutal Doom update is bringing mod to “almost complete” state.

One of the most popular mods for Doom – Brutal Doom, is approaching its final release. Its latest update, v21 is bringing a big, and final, load of new features. After this one, there will be only bugfixes and general polishing, said mod’s developer Sergeant_MK_VI on his latest update at Moddb. Since that update, there will be no additions of new features, at lest for now.

Even then, v21 features lots of improvements and new content, including a new weapon – flamethrower, stun animation for zombies and imps, and so on. Given that these additions are but a small part of overall improvements that Brutal Doom adds to the base game, I think it would be safe to say that Sergeant_MK_VI went above and beyond his love of the game. He gave us a good example of what a dedicated man can accomplish. And his final(-ish) results look really good.

You can download the latest version of this mod here.

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