Saints Row: The Third is coming on Switch

3rd Street Saints are expanding their operations to the newest contender of mobile console gaming.

Gamescom this year proves to be a bearer of good news. One of those news is that Deep Silver Fishlabs ports Saints Row: The Third to Nintendo Switch. Saints Row is a series of open-world GTA-style games by Volition. It tells the story of a 3rd Street Saints gang and you take on a role of its leader, the Boss. The third game in the series was universally favorably accepted and got high praise from critics. Volition decided to play down the drama and seriousness of the second game, and played up its funny and crazy awesome aspects. Apparently, it was a right decision.

Once again, a widely acclaimed game comes to Switch, boosting both the console popularity and game sales. We’ll see how that goes in the future.

Until then, stay tuned for more portable news!

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