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BATTLETECH: Flashpoint is coming this November

The first BATTLETECH expansion, called Flashpoint is coming out soon, bringing along new mechs, missions and chain events.

BATTLETECH, made by Harebrained Schemes, is a turn-based strategy game set in the Battletech tabletop universe. In that game you play as leader of a mercenary group, consisting of Battlemech pilots. Find contracts, manage your group and mechs, navigate your way through treacherous politics. In this game you should always remember: lives are cheap, mechs are important, and your employer may not keep your best interests in heart.

This expansion will add three more mech models and more mission types. There also are Flashpoint: a chain of missions of a high pay/high risk variety. To add to the difficulty, you would not be able to repair your mechs between battle so it can be extremely dangerous. Though it will all be worth it if you manage to pull it off. Choose wisely.

Watch announcement trailer here:


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